10 Very Funny Blonde Jokes

by Mia Lambo

Short funny blond jokes

Short funny blond jokes

10 Crazy funny blond jokes that will make you snort when you laugh


Question: How did the blonde break her leg while raking leaves??

Answer: She fell out of the tree


Blonde 1: Don't tell anyone but Bees scare me.
Blonde 2: Dont worry, the whole alphabet scares me


I'm changing my name to {Benefits} on Facebook.
Next time someone adds me, It will say 'you are now friends with {Benefits}'


Why can't you tell blondes knock-knock jokes?

Answer: Because they go answer the door.


What do you call an intelligent blonde?

Answer: A Golden Retriever


Why can't a blonde dial 911?

Answer: She can't find the eleven


Why was the blonde disappointed with her trip to England?

Answer: She found out Big Ben was a clock


What do blondes and beer bottles have in common?

Answer: They are both empty from the neck up


Why couldn't the blond make Koolaid?

Answer: The 8 cups of water didn't fit into that little packet


Why did the blond lose at breast stroke in the swimming competition

Answer: She later learned, other swimmers were cheating, they were using their arms!!!

~~~~Bonus 11~~~~

Why did the blond wear green lipstick?

Answer: She knew that red meant STOP!

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Blondes at the bar
by: Humor TheBlondes

So 17 blondes where standing outside a bar on a Friday night. A girl came out and said "You guys know you can come in?"
They looked at the girl then looked at the sign. It read 'Must Be 18'.
So they went around town looking for one more blonde, when they came back they went inside and the boss came over. "DID YOU READ THE SIGN!!!!" His voice boomed.
They looked at him funny. "Uh... Yeah it said 'Must Be 18' and there's 18 of us."
The boss left and the blondes went back inside.

Hilarious Blonde Joke
by: Anonymous

*A blonde lady was caught for speeding by a blonde policewoman*.
Policewoman- Show me your driving license.
Blonde- What is a driving license?
Policewoman - Something with your face on it.
*Searches bag and pulls out a mirror*
Blonde - Here it is!
*policewoman check it*
Policewoman- Oh I didn't know you were a policewoman as well...

Absolutely Hilarious!!! n\

More Blond Jokes
by: Blade

Blond watching the news.
The reporter says: "9 Brazilian men died".
Blond asks: "How many is a Brazilian?"

Two blonds driving to Disneyland. The one reads the sign "Disneyland Left". So they made a u-turn and went home.

Why do blondes make terrible pharmacists? They can't get the bottles in the printer.

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