Funny Questions & Answers
Volume 4!

More of those Very Funny Questions with Answers to entertain, irritate and even alienate with! We love them, we hate them yep... but we just can't stay away from them, we can't ignore them and we certainly can't resist reading them! What exactly is it about WHY, WHAT, HOW and IF that makes us read on? Well I dunno ... WHY not read some more, maybe that answer will surface?!

We continue with some more funny questions just for laughs...

  1. How do you avoid a car accident?
    You travel by bus.
  2. How unlucky are you?
    Accidents that started out happening to others happens to me.
  3. What do most people do with good advice?
    It goes in one ear and out the other and leaves a vacuum in between.
  4. How thin are the walls of apartments these days?
    When I ask my wife a question I get 4 different answers and when my wife peels onions the people next door cry.
  5. How do you know you were a war baby?
    My parents took one look at me and started fighting.
  6. How did you like living in an army tent?
    No room to complain!
  7. What is the worst month for a soldier?
    A long March.
  8. Why did the artist choose to do a oil painting?
    He said the model had a face like a sardine!
  9. Why did the artist paint his fingers different colors?
    He was asked to do a finger painting!
  10. How safe is it to fly with this airline?
    No one has ever complained of a parachute not opening!
  11. Can you telephone from an airplane?
    Sure anyone can tell a phone from an airplane!
  12. Why is the baby's name Teeny?
    We wanted to call him Martini but he's not dry enough!
  13. Why do they offer you a job as a babysitter?
    Who wants to sit on babies?
  14. why do you want to work in the bank?
    I think there's money in it.
  15. What is the name of your bank?
  16. Why do you go to that hairdresser?
    He gives lousy haircuts but he knows all the latest stories!
  17. How do you want your hair cut?
  18. Did you take a bath?
    Why, is there one missing?
  19. How do you know you are paying too much for a bathing suite?
    It's smaller than the price tag!
  20. What is a beach?
    A place where you swim and people greet you by saying how are you peeling!
  21. How do you know a holiday resort is boring?
    When even the tide goes out and never comes back!
  22. How often do boats sink?
    Only once!
  23. Why do people buy books when they plan vacations?
    The only book that can tell you where you can go is your checkbook.
  24. What is your favorite book?
    My husbands Checkbook.
  25. What did the calculator say to the bookkeeper?
    You can count on me!
  26. Till next time!

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