Flying A Plane - Fast Cardless Charades

by Teresa

Fast Acting Cardless Charades

Fast Acting Cardless Charades

Hi, A while ago I heard of a game where you act out one thing, but you answer, no, I'm flying a plane. The next person has to act out the plane flying and so it continues.

I tried playing this with the family, but there is something missing, as everyone knows that person b is flying a plane. Do you know this game, can you post the real rules?

From Fun Stuff To Do ~

Have not heard of this, sounds like a fun idea and like a fast charades game without cards, if we had to make up rules or instructions for this acting game it would go something like this:

First person choose any action to act out say "chasing butterflies".

The first person will then whisper to the person that guess correctly: "No, I'm flying a plane". The person that guessed correctly must now act out "I'm flying a plane"

The next person that guess "I'm flying a plane" correctly will then receive a whisper "No, I'm exercising my upper arms" from the current actor. This person must now act out the whisper he receives and so the game continues.

You can then make more rules like:

The "no, I'm... part must somehow relate to the motion or action of the previous act.

If a person guess correctly the current actor must immediately reply with a whisper of "no, I am...." without taking any time to think about it.

Hope that gives an idea on how to play a fast acting charades game without cards.

This type of game is especially nice to play when you seek really fast paced fun or when the aim is attention building skills, also great for kids that can't read cards yet.

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by: John

This is actually a game full of fun. I have loved playing this as a child. But gone are those days. I now completely love it again. I think I will play this with all my family again.

Cool Charades Ideas
by: Brittany

This is such a cool charades idea. I absolutely love the fact that you don't need any cards, it is such a shlep to print and we always run out of cards. Thank you for this brilliant idea. BritXX

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