If you've never played Charades before, you've missed out on loads of fun. Fortunately, it is never to late to learn to play. It's a great fun game and easy to learn! If you are familiar with this awesome game, then we have loads of fun stuff for you along this page!

This hilariously funny team game that originated in France in the 16th Century is still an undoubted party favorite today! The perfect party word guessing game for 6 or more players of all ages.

There are a vast number of topics for this game and it's our happy task to provide you with charades ideas for as many of them as we can produce.

Adult charades is a sure way to fire up any fun night or dinner party with friends. Kids charades is a great game for birthday parties and any other time when you have to keep the kids busy. Charades is the ideal all-round party game. Also great to use as a fun teaching method!

On the following pages you will find Adult, Christmas, Kids, Silent, even Baby Shower Charades and more. Welcome to Charade World where you'll find a "host" of fun charades games for every occasion!

'You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.'

~ Plato


  • A timer.
  • A score sheet and pencil.
  • Charade cards.
  • Snacks & drinks and you are ready to GO!

The goal is to act out a word or phrase or to pantomime similar sounding words to your team members within a specific time frame. Your team must guess the word or phrase correctly by means of the signals or clues that you provide, before time runs out!

The RULES OF CHARADES are informal and can be adapted to group preferences a few basic rules apply and are generally agreed upon.

If your guests are familiar with the game, GREAT! If not, it is a kind gesture to provide them with one of these printable sheets with the most commonly used CHARADE CLUES, SIGNALS or GESTURES.


The following charades ideas will help you to plan fun games for any event.

  1. ADULT CHARADES - Liven up dinner parties or simply have a fun games night with friends that will be hard to forget. Free printable charade cards.
  2. KIDS CHARADES - The perfect fun game for kids parties, kids camps and keeping kids entertained at basically... any event. Free printable charade cards.
  3. SILENT CHARADES - The quick charades game, ideal for parties and groups. A game with an interesting twist to keep things FUN. Free printable charade cards.
  4. WATER CHARADES - A fun charades game played in water! Ideal for pool parties, large groups or just a few people. This game is seriously challenging, yet so much fun and will definitely have a few very tired! Free printable charade cards.
  5. CREATE CHARADES CARDS - Print the blanks and write your own words and/or use words and phrases from our Charades Ideas List.
  6. FREE PRINTABLE CHARADES CARDS - Print any of our charades cards for free from this complete list of charades topics.
  7. FISHBOWL aka SALAD BOWL - If you love playing charades you will enjoy this version so much. It basically combines the games: Charades, Taboo and Password + Bonus Rounds! All you need is strips of paper, a bowl and lots of friends.


Spice up your Charade Night with a GREAT FAJITA RECIPE! There are literally hundreds, but this is my favorite!

Why? It's great in taste, allows me to work out exactly what I need to buy for the amount of guests PLUS guests create their own fajita's - more time to play fun games!
Don't forget the salsa, sour cream, freshly chopped lettuce and guacamole!


Games to play while camping: Tent Charades, family and adult version

This fun family and adult version of charades is perfect for camping or a picnic during the holiday! Help yourself to an easy to download and print game by clicking on the image to the left now!  Oh and don't forget to check out all the other amazing printable games!

A 4in1 charades game featuring easy and challenging charades, and charades for different tastes and interests, the Family Charades In-A-Box Compendium is perfect for your next family game night. 200 cards, timer and score sheets! Gather around the family living room, slide the coffee table out of the way, and act your heart out! You'll be laughing, cheering, and groaning as teams battle their way to the charades hall of fame.

Reverse Charades is a hilarious twist on the classic game of charades. Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, in Reverse Charades, a team acts out clues for one person to guess. The goal is to guess as many words as possible in 60 seconds. It’s a fast-paced, fiercely fun team game that’s an absolute blast and will have everyone laughing. 756 Clue cards will keep parties going and provide endless fun for families.


There are literally hundreds, these are recommended fun games that are based on this popular game, each with their own very unique twist.

  • GUESSTURES - High speed charade at its best. Get ready for hilarious family games nights. Ages: 8 yrs and UP.
  • CRANIUM - Cranium games are the most popular and best known charade games around, there are over 200 each with their own unique fun thermometer for every age.
  • TIME'S UP - Charade with optional 4th round rules, a cool electronic timer, rules for odd number of players.
  • HOOPLA - Charade with an extra 10-sided die and 3 wild tokens. A cross between party and card game. Ages: 13 and UP.
  • SNAPPLE - Fast-paced and refreshingly fun charades. Think of it as a bottomless bottle of snapple filled with facts instead of flavor.
  • ELECTRONIC CHARADES - Cranium's POP 5 and Cranium Turbo Edition as well as Electronic Guesstures are highly recommended.
  • FUN GAMES LIKE CHARADES - Amazon carries a huge number of charade games, check out all our top rated ones here.

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