Kids Charades - another easy, fun game that will entertain kids for hours.  You will find everything you need including free printable charades cards with pictures and words, rules and everything else on this page. Any child should know how to play charades, now is a good time to learn and it's not difficult. Great for kids to play when adults are having a dinner party, at their own parties and in the classroom.

Free printable charades cardsCharades Cards For Kids

How To Play Charades

Here you'll find all the goodies and information you need for kids to play charades:

Free Printable Charades Cards For Kids

These charades cards are easy to understand with both pictures and simple day-to-day words. Straightforward images  and words as a combination encourages word association which can assist with reading. The cards are super for the classroom, a party and home play. As always 100% free to print, no email address or sign-up required.

If you want these cards to last, print on good quality paper, laminate for repeated use, cut in rectangles, and store them in a organza or cellophane bag. You can find all our home printing supplies and recommendations here.

We recommend:

Brochure Paper

Laminating Sheets and Laminating Machine

Organza or Cellophane Bags or the Rectangular Tins with Windows

Other Great Kids Games Like Charades

There are so many wonderful games like charades that are based on the same principals as charades. The best and most popular charades game, especially for kids. Ages 4 and UP.

The all time popular favorites are:


- A very popular game like charades, there is also an electronic version. Perfect for the whole family from Age 8 and UP!

Kids On Stage

- Early childhood charades, no reading required - A GAMES AWARD WINNER! Ages 36 Months to 7 Years.

Hedbanz for Kids

- Is a super fun charades game for kids Aged 7 to 12 years!

Cranium Family Edition

- A bit of everything Cranium and Charades for the whole family!

Cranium Pop 5

- The electronic version of the most popular Cranium game - So much fun!

Find them all here!

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