silent charades

Silent charades is another fun party game idea for large groups. If you're BIG on good fun and action then this one is for you! This quick fun game will get any party or event off to a great start. Filled with fast action, search and surprise!

  • Need:
    Double Charades cards, Hat
  • Players:
    Ten and more players
  • The Aim:
    Act out the instruction on your charades card and find your partner!
  • We recommend:
    For a quick fun game of silent charades use our Emotion Charades Cards and/or Activity Charades Cards.
  • Did you know?
    You can create your own charades cards here and find words and phrases for your cards here! Print both and fill in your own selection of words on the cards.

How To Play Silent Charades

Print out double charades cards (2 of each card). If you have 20 guests then you will print out 10 different charades cards TWICE. Place all the charades cards in a hat and mix them up. Now get each guest to draw a card.

Explain the rules to all the guests, they are simple:

  2. Act out the word or phrase on the card you have drawn on the word "GO"
  3. Find the person that is doing a similar act!
  4. When you find that person, sit down with them, still NO TALKING.

Once everyone has a card, they must fold the card up in a tiny piece and place it in a pocket or somewhere safe, on the word "GO!" all start acting. All the guests are now acting out their word or phrase and finding a partner doing a similar act and sitting down. Once everyone is done and sitting down together in pairs, go around and see if their charades cards match. If they match they are winners, if they don't they are out!

To make this game fun, choose topics that are closely related or difficult.

To make this game even more fun, you can have a silly task or punishment lined up for all the winners (they won't expect this!) or for the losers (to keep it boring).

Silly tasks can include anything from downing an eery drink to having a water balloon throw at them, it's up to you to come up with something wild and wonderful that will suite your crowd.

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