Legit Work From Home Jobs

We often require the services of writers and translators to write, edit or translate simple pages, emails and other documents for us. These are legit work from home jobs, which we pay top dollar for. Our writers and editors all work from home.

Requests for more opportunities to do work for us fill our email boxes daily. I sure wish we could provide that many jobs – we can’t, I am sorry, but...

Legitimate Online Work From Home Websites


We can point you to the sites where we post all of our copy writing jobs, editing work, translator jobs, and requests for new photos and images. But why only work for us? I understand when you say: I need a job now, I need to earn money fast. Here are a few opportunities for you to earn a substantial income doing real computer jobs, photography, writing and translating work from home. Not only for us, but for many top companies as well as other websites and blogs.


Look at the websites I am about to show you, see if any of them are right for you, select jobs as easy or as difficult as you choose. Choose topics that interest you most, decide how much time you have available to work on a job or whether you want to work part time or full time. Most importantly, decide how much you want to earn daily, weekly or monthly by doing as many or as few of these tasks as you can.    

Make Money Work From Home


You sign up on the websites that we mention below, then select the online writing or translation jobs you would like to do, some will email jobs to your email inbox in the mornings. Then get paid for the the work you did. It is really that simple to earn your own income from home. The photography jobs are even simpler, you take good quality photos and submit them online, when your photos are downloaded by users you earn cash.



Please do not apply to these sites if you can’t write properly and for translator jobs if you are not fluent in at least two languages. You don't want to waste your time and money and end up feeling disappointed. You also won’t get filthy rich doing these online jobs, but you certainly can have a much better lifestyle. Look at the websites to see what the requirements are and what you can earn per day, they all differ. 



Most of the sites charge a small fee to become part of their network, some as little as $1. You can easily make this back with your first writing, translation or photography jobs every month.

Top 5 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs


The #1 resource for high-paying writing jobs online.
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The preferred website for writers where you can choose from 1000’s of online writing jobs and get tips to improve your skills.
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Writing Jobs:

High-Paying Writing Jobs

How it works:

Making money writing online easy


You can speak two languages fluently and want to translate simple documents for us and others.
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Translating Jobs:

high-paying translator jobs


Thousands of people are looking for photography jobs and want to know how to sell their photos and how to make money with their photographs – Here Is The Answer!

How it works:

high-paying photography jobs


Browse through over 2000 jobs for free and then sign up once you’ve found the perfect one. Just click on any of the job categories on their website. Many truly amazing writer jobs and design jobs available here. We post our opportunities directly to this site.
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Top 10 jobs available:

top 10 legitimate online jobs

We hope you enjoyed this information and good luck earning extra money online and finding your next job fast.



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