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Come join in the fun and frustration with Fun-Stuff-To-Do's range of amazing free printable mazes.

Here you will find: Easy Mazes, Medium Mazes, Hard Mazes, Super Hard Mazes, Circle Mazes, Oval Mazes, exciting Pattern Mazes and Labyrinths.

Test your own skills, or compete against someone with our unique two-in-one free printable mazes. Usually a maze would show a "start" and a "finish". The start and finish on the fun-stuff-to-do mazes are indicated with two square blocks. Therefore you can complete the maze both ways by turning the paper, so print two of each.

You can also draw or glue small pictures or stickers at the start and finish to make them look unique or to create mazes for special occasions like Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Perhaps you want to know how to make your own maze, just for fun.

Start with the easy mazes that will take mere seconds to complete and slowly work your way up to the super hard mazes.

Types of mazes to print:

EASY MAZES - These are beginner mazes. The right place to start if you are a first-time "mazer"!

MEDIUM MAZES - Mazes of medium difficulty for those who have done a maze or two before.

HARD MAZES - The hard mazes will challenge your skill, attention span and patience.

SUPER HARD MAZES - Very challenging indeed. Super difficult page crushing and page ripping material!

CIRCLE MAZES - Circle or round mazes that will make the ordinary hard mazes a little more interesting.

OVAL MAZES - Hard with a bit more space for a few interesting twist and turns through maze world.

PATTERN MAZES - Pattern mazes and labyrinths are amazing and interesting challenges to complete.


Examples of printable mazes and labyrinths on our pages


difficult circle maze

hard maze

Pattern Maze

Print the mazes

To Print:

You will need a pdf viewer like Adobe Reader to view the files. Get the latest FREE DOWNLOAD of Adobe Reader here.

The printable file will take a few seconds to download.

Printing tips:

Select "Print" at the top of the document.

In "printer settings" or "printing preferences" or "print scaling", choose the paper size you desire - Letter Size or A4 Size.

Select the "Fit to page" or "scale to paper size" or "reduce to paper margins" option; you should see the maze in the center of the page.

If the print quality is poor, zoom in to 100-200% on the pdf document itself, ensure the printer settings are still correct, then print.

Interesting Facts About Mazes

Mazes are super tools to use as attention span training for the elderly and the young. Those suffering from ADD or ADHD will benefit greatly from regular exercises with the more difficult mazes and labyrinths.

Is there a difference between a maze and a labyrinth?

Most dictionaries will tell you that the one is the other when you look them up. Those passionate about these intriguing creations will however tell you that a maze have different pathways whereas a labyrinth only have one pathway to the finish.

Want to know more about Mazes and Labyrinths?

Visit this awesome website about Labyrinths and Mazes.

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