A free template for every party decoration, invitation, box, hat, card, tag or embellishment that you may need to start you off on a high note with


and to ensure that creating your party decorations and cards will be FUN!

MY POLKA DOT MAKER© printable paper templates are fun, colorful polka dots that will ensure that ordinary party decoration, craft and card templates, like the ones below, turn out to be awesomely beautiful with minimal other embellishments required!

DO IT THE EASY WAY! It is simply super easy, fun crafting and fun parties at its best. You print the polka dot paper template, then print the template of your choice below, glue the two printed sheets together. Then cut, fold, glue and you have beautiful, cost effective decorations, tags and cards.

FREE TEMPLATE #1 - Scalloped Card and Envelope

This template is so versatile, use it for invitations, thank you cards or greeting cards. Both the envelope and card will look beautiful if you use two different sizes of polka dots on both sides of the template or you may want to opt for a dotty side and a plain side and do the card and envelope in different sizes of polka dots. If you opt for two polka dot sizes, glue the first polka dot sheet onto the template, cut the template and polka dot sheet out. Then glue the other polka dot size sheet on the other side and cut out. If you opt for polka dot and plain, simply print the template below on colored paper, glue polka dot sheet on the other side, cut, fold, glue, DONE!
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FREE TEMPLATE #2 - Easy Cake Slice Box

You can use these cake slice boxes to send a lovely piece of cake home with each of your guests!

Or you can build an entire 1, 2 or 3 tier cake with it! If you want to build a tiered cake you will need approximately 11 cake slice boxes in different sizes. The first tier of the cake will be the largest, use this template. Then reduce the size of the template on a photocopier for the next tiers. If you want to do this but struggle, contact us, we can help out with more templates in different sizes. Contact Us

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FREE TEMPLATE #3 - Interlocking "Thank You" Card or Invitation

This easy-to-make card looks great with different sizes of polka dots on the inside and outside. Cut out one of our FREE LABELS and FREE TAGS for the center inside. Our labels can easily be extracted to Microsoft Word or any other word processing program to add a text box for text with "thank you" notes or invitation details.

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FREE TEMPLATE #4 - Party Hat

We all need party hats - sooner, later or all the time! Create them stylish, fun, hip, in candy colours or pastel. A party HAT says: "IT'S A PARTY, TIME TO CELEBRATE!" no matter what the age or occasion is! It is honestly SOOO much easier to create them yourself than to go on that long dreadful road of finding the perfect ONE!

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The other box we all need sooner or later. A party box, gift box, favour box, pretty box, storage box, little toy box! Here is the BOX! You have to print this template TWICE, fold, glue the tab onto the other printed template and then fold your way around the rest. Looks complicated, simple once cut and folded on the lines. Best printed on card stock - always plain card stock decorated with MY POLKA DOT MAKER! :-)

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Share your new templates, we're sharing ours! It's easy and fun. Just type, insert your template picture, this gadget will do the rest! Have a website? Yes you may place a link to your site in your post!
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Click on the links below to view the latest templates!

Water Bottle Label Template Free 
Create your own water bottle labels for your next party or function with these free templates. Use the transparent template if you would like to add …

Polka Dot Tags 
Polka dot tags: another free printable template especially for all our Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter friends... to brighten up gift giving! Thank you …

Seed Packet Envelope 
Here are some printable seed packet envelope templates in three different polka dot colors, with little butterflies. Another free printable with love and …

Christmas Gift Bags | Free Printable 
These Christmas gift bags are fun to make and perfect to add little gifts to. Place on your Christmas table with cookies or chocolate balls for your guests …

Christmas Table Place Cards 
Christmas table place cards to help with the seating arrangements at your Christmas party - FREE. Just print and write guests names on. DOWNLOAD HERE …

Christmas Bunting Flag Banner | Free Printable 
Add a cute Christmas bunting flag banner to your Christmas decorations. This is a free printable to assemble at home and fun for the kids to put together …

Christmas Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers 
Cute Christmas polka dot cupcake wrappers in blue,green and red with toppers in a festive holiday theme. Print, cut, wrap... so easy, then add the toppers …

Christmas Water Bottle Labels Or Napkin Rings 
These Christmas water bottle labels will add a special touch to your Christmas decorating this year. Just print, cut, wrap around water bottles and tape. …

Merry Christmas Happy Holiday Free Labels Tags 
A super cute set of free printable Christmas tags and labels to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We have created these labels …

My Favorite Name Plates 
Unique name plate tags and labels for your gift boxes, favor bags, food tables, banquet tables and books. Resize and personalize by following the tutorials …

Happy New Year Hang Tags 
Happy New Year hang tags to print and cut. Add a dash of fun and style to your champagne bottles this year. Hang these tags around a bottle of bubbly …

Scalloped Cupcake Sleeve Template 
Cupcake sleeves to dress your cupcakes up. Use the template to cut the sleeves from paper or card stock that will suite your theme. There are two cupcake …

Bunting Flag Banner - Scalloped Template 
A super cute scalloped bunting flag banner to make with our free printable templates. You can choose to use the scalloped bunting flag banner template …

My Favorite Tags and Labels 
I thought I would share my favorite tags and labels that I enjoy using on all the special boxes and cards: When you put a template like this to good …

Cute Envelope and Card 
Just another very easy cute card and envelope to make. Cut the template out, outline on coloured or scrapbooking card stock, cut and fold. Decorate as …

Christmas Tree Card 
A quick, easy Christmas tree card to make. Print the template on colored card stock - red, blue, purple, green, whatever you choose. Cut out on solid …

Original Milk Carton Box Template 
When you have the TIME and pretty paper, few templates will beat the beauty and decorating possibilities of the original milk carton box template. I …

Gift Box 3 
This is one of those easy to cut, easy to fold gift boxes. No fancy handles, just insert the tabs into the box and place a small piece of double sided …

3 Tier Cake Slice Boxes 
With the three tier cake slices box or pie box templates you will be able to build awesome paper box tiered cakes. This is a complete new set of cake box …

Purse Template 
Use this purse template as an envelope or a pocket to place flat items like invitations, greeting cards, stickers, gift vouchers or gift cards and awards …

Butterfly Templates 
Butterflies for decorating cards, invitations, party boxes, making table confetti, fairy wands, doorway danglers , interesting banners and other party …

Flower Template 
The flower template is another versatile pattern that can be used for many things: Make pretty flower placemats, invitations, cards, fairy wands, flower …

Candy Basket 
Use the candy basket template to make candy holders for any occassion or party. Cute Easter basket, Christmas treat basket, super cute little girls' party …

Paper Flower 
Use this paper flower template to create the prettiest flowers to decorate cards and gift boxes. Cut the templates out and use them to cut paper flowers …

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Gift Box 2  
This gift box is taller in shape with pretty half moon handles. Use this free printable template to create your own gift or favor boxes. Create them …

Baby Bottle Card 
The baby bottle card template is a a very cute card for babies. It will make your baby shower invitations very unique and it's a great match for the baby …

Fries Box Template 
Serving "Fries" or in some countries called "Chips" and looking for a template to create a real take-out type fries / chips box or packet that you can …

Take-Out Box Template 
This is a small take-out box template, you can enlarge it to A3 with a photocopier for a bigger box. The small box template is ideal for serving party …

Gingerbread Man  
A cute gingerbread man template to use as a pattern to make gingerbread men biscuits with. Make Christmas decorations with it, make fun cards and invitations …

Cupcake Card Template 
This cupcake card template makes super birthday party invitations and quick free birthday cards! Cut the templates out, use it to cut your cards out …

Diaper Template 
The diaper template is so versatile, use it to make cards for welcoming new babies or use it for baby shower invitations: It can be used as an envelope, …

Free Labels and Tags Template 
These free labels and tags will come in handy all year round. Cut the template patterns out and use them to cut free labels and tags out of card stock …

Baby Bottle Box 
This baby bottle box is very easy to make. This is the perfect thank-you or favor gift box for baby showers. Just cut the pattern out on plain card …

Jack-O-Lantern Template  
You can do loads of fun halloween stuff with this jack-o-lantern or pumkin face template: Color it, paint it, use as a template to make your jack-o-lanterns, …

Baby Girl Invitation Card - Free Template 
The Baby Girl Dress Card Template is ideal for making baby shower invitations, well wishes for baby or first birthday party invitations. It can also …

Scalloped Edge Drawstring Box 
The scalloped edge draw string box is one of the easiest gift or favor packing boxes available. No glue, no tape, just cut, fold on dotted lines, make …

Drink Parasol or Umbrella Template 
Very easy drink umbrella or parasol to make. Make your food and drinks pretty with drink parasols in paper that match your theme with this quick to use …

Teacher Not rated yet
My class is making gift boxes and a geo city. From Fun Stuff To Do: Awesome Leann, there are quite a few printable gift box templates and patterns …

Napkin Ring Template Not rated yet
Cut napkin rings from your favorite paper with this template. This is a very plain template, allowing you to decorate the napkin rings any way you please. …

Fall Leaf Template Not rated yet
Fall leaf templates for decorations on Thanksgiving Day and other times when you want to bring a sense of nature into your crafty creations. These large …

New Milk Carton Box - Without The Side Folding Schlep Not rated yet
You like the milk carton box idea, but folding those sides just leaves you cold. We've created one without them. Yay! I must admit the original milk …

Gift Box  Not rated yet
This template is for a small gift box with square handles. Use this gift box for small gifts or as a party favor box. Print on plain card stock or pretty …

Baby Bib Template Not rated yet
The baby bib template is the ideal pattern for a baby shower invitation. Use the template to cut the shapes out of polka dot paper or other baby themed …

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Create the perfect party keepsakes and crafts with this huge variety of box and envelope templates that are sure to fit any occasion. Super easy to use, just trace onto craft or scrapbook paper, cut and fold.

There are so many of these durable stencil template shapes - coffin box template, triangle template, mini mailbox, carrot box, card, mini pizza, truck, bon-bon box template, mini milk carton template, heart box template, cone treat hanger, cupcake box template, scalloped bag template, pedestal box template, dress box template, petal template, hexagon box template, boot template, bucket template, heart purse, oven-shaped box templates, mini bowling bag template and a magnitude of design tool kit templates. Full instructions. Sizes vary, we display only a few.



3D Geometric Shapes to print. These templates are print-ready and free to download. A variety of clear and colored shape nets are available.

3D Geometric Shapes



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