Alphabetically listed printable shapes, nets and patterns. 3D or three dimensional geometric shapes, print ready to cut and fold to assist with visual and practical learning. These patterns can also be used to create small gift boxes, gift box templates and favor boxes or bags for parties and crafts.

These 3D patterns will print perfectly on A4 and Letter size paper. To enlarge or minimize the size, use a photocopier. Print, cut, fold and glue the tabs in, to make perfect three dimensional shapes.

Cone Shape

Visit the Cone Shape Page

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Cube | Hexahedron Shape

A cube and regular hexahedron is the same.

Visit the Cube Shape Page

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Cuboid | Rectangular Prism Shape

A cuboid and rectangular prism is the same. 

Visit the Cuboid Shape Page

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Visit the Cylinder Shape Page

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Visit the Dodecahedron Page

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Hexagonal Prism

Visit the Hexagonal Prism Page

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Hexagonal Pyramid

Visit Hexagonal Pyramid Page

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House 3D Printable Shape

Visit the House Printable Page

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Visit the Icosahedron Page

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Octagonal Prism

Visit the Octagonal Prism Page

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Visit the Octahedron Page

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Pentagonal Prism

Visit Pentagonal Prism Page

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Pentagonal Pyramid

Visit Pentagonal Pyramid Page

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Square Based Pyramid

Visit Square Based Pyramid

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Rectangular Prism

Visit Rectangular Prism Page

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Rhombic Prism

Visit Rhombic Prism Page

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Visit the Tetrahedron Page

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Trapezoidal Prism

Visit Trapezoidal Prism Page

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Triangular Prism

Visit the Triangular Prism Page

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If you don't want the line markings to show, fold with the markings to the inside of the printed shape. For a more precise and easier fold, use a ruler and bone folder to first score and run over the lines before folding. Use double-side tape strips or glue dots to attach sides easily. 


Use card stock instead of paper, for a stronger shape.  Heavy card stock works great. Most printers require that you feed these pages through, one page at a time.

We are continually adding more shapes to this alphabetical list, so check back soon for more fun shapes to use for school, learning and crafts.

Looking for durable or fancy shape templates that can easily be traced or scored onto paper? This is where we find ours.

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