Basic Geometric Shapes, Sequences, Designs and Patterns

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Look at the shapes above, can you see how you can create a flower with long or short leaves, round or oval leaves or perhaps a cat, rabbit or a bird. These very basic shapes not only forms the basis of learning to draw; they are also the solid foundation of the most incredible prints, patterns and sequences used by a vast number of artists and designers in a wide variety of design fields worldwide.

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33 Examples of Geometric Patterns & Sequences with Basic Shapes

geometric sequence, geometric patterns, geometric shapes, geometric design

The graphics above show how these basic shapes can be applied to create amazing geometric sequences and patterns. They can be used to print on paper, clothing, artwork, walls, tiles, floors and just about any other flat surface you can think of. Below are some more examples of geometric figures used to create beautiful geometric sequences: Note the geometric distribution of the shapes to create interesting designs.

geometric distribution,  geometric sequence, geometric patterns, geometric shapes, geometric design

Very basic shapes can be positioned to create world class geometric art. The black, white & red example above - far right - is a work of art by Richard Killeen of New Zealand. Below are more great geometric prints and sequences.

geometric print, patterns, shapes, design, geometric sequence, geometric patterns, geometric shapes, geometric design

In the examples above basic or 2D shapes were used to create flowers. Different color squares and circles of the same size were used to create colourful geometric designs for clothing and upholstery fabrics.

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Basic shapes are also used in many modern loose and fixed carpet designs. The very basic shapes are so versatile people the world over use them in designs to create great modern works of art for fashion, decorating our homes and off course we use them in our very own eraser and potato print projects in EASY CRAFTS FOR KIDS! Below are some African prints.

African prints, potato prints, design prints, design, ethnic designs, design ideas

African tradition is rich with these incredible geometric prints. Houses, fabrics, blankets, pots and clothing are often decorated with these striking shapes and patterns.

Madiba or Mandela Shirt Prints, african prints, silk shirt prints, geometric designs, geometric design

The iconic Nelson Mandela former freedom fighter and President of South Africa made silk batik shirts designed with these beautiful motifs on a worldwide tendency and fashion statement. He broke the tradition of the very formal suite worn as a Statesman with beautifully designed silk shirts with African prints and motifs on. His shirts are now known throughout the world as "Madiba Shirts" or "Mandela Shirts".

African motif, ethnic motif, ethnic design, geometric design ideas

These designs often focus on a single square or circle. The design is then built up with more squares and circles to create these exquisite patterns and sequences which are then used as a main design or simply as a border on plain silk, fabric, walls, pots, cups, dishes and plates.

Geometric Shapes Quatrefoil

The quatrefoil is a geometric shape made up of interlinking circles as seen in the designs above. This design is often used in architectural and interior designs. A very popular design in both patterns and as a stand alone shape to emphasize a particular object.

Below are the two interlinking shapes that are often used for this purpose: The quatrefoil and the trefoil.

Geometric Shapes Quatrefoil Outline

Quatrefoil Shapes

Geometric Shapes Trefoil Outline

Trefoil Shapes

3D or Solid Geometric Shapes

3D geometric shapes, 3D shapes, shapes, 3D, polyhedra, polyhedron, shapes


3d shapes to print


Solid or 3D geometric shapes with colors either blended or faded or in different shades are used in many designs as a central object. This type of shape is used with much success in the art of stenciling. Stenciling is a craft used for placing motifs and designs on walls, furniture, fabrics and more. To make a 3D stencil, you would only use the outline of the shape. When stenciling you would stencil the outline in a darker shade and fill the remainder with a lighter shade, blending the two shades in the end.
How to make your own stencils - craft tools with shapes and patterns.

Patterns & Design - Each unique volume in the Images Series of ready-to-color pattern books stimulates the visual imagination with infinite numbers of shapes and abstract angles within complex geometric patterns + designs. Choose from the linear, circular, illusion, optical and botanical designs. Click on pic's for info.

If that is not enough, explore a collaboration of creative works from one of today's top surface and textile designers - Jenean Morrison. Fifty (50) fresh, modern, intricate designs in each volume - you add the color! Click on image and look inside each volume!

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