Geometric Shapes To Print.
Shapes, Designs & Polyhedra To Cut, Color or Fold

Several collections of 2D, 3D and other dimension geometric shapes to print. Basic, solid, artistic and fun designs to cut and paste. Use as free geometric coloring pages, fold 3D paper models, geometrical solids and polyhedra, create patterns, sequences, teach math geometry definitions or use them for your favourite crafts.

1. Basic 2D and Solid 3D Geometric Shapes

Two dimensional shapes have an area but no volume and three dimensional shapes have volume, as seen in the two pictures below.

Basic 2D Geometric Shapes

2D geometric shapes to print

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Some basic 2D shapes are called polygons. Polygons are closed 2 dimensional shapes of which all the lines are straight, examples: triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon. There are different types of polygons: A regular polygon has equal sides and angles, if all sides and angles are not equal it is called an irregular polygon. If any of the sides are curved, then it is not a polygon.

Solid 3D Geometric Shapes

3D geometric shapes to print

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A 3D or three dimensional shape has 3 dimensions: width, depth and height. 3D shapes have other properties, such as volume (think of the entire space within the shape), surface area (think of all the sides you would be able to color), vertices (corner points), faces (individual surface areas), edges (corners).

2. 3D Geometric Shapes to Print, Cut and Fold

Three dimensional shapes can be divided into two types of geometric solids called Polyhedra and Non-polyhedra. All the faces of Polyhedra are flat, examples: cube, pyramid, hexagonal prism, octahedron. If any face of the 3D shape is not flat it is called non-polyhedra, examples: sphere, cone, cylinder, torus. To create a solid 3D geometric shape, you need to create a pattern, also called a "net". Cut the net out and fold all the solid lines, most nets include tabs which are used to glue the sides of the solid shape in position. Print the patterns for the 8 different geometric solids as seen in the picture below by clicking on the links below the picture. Each pattern will open in a new window.

3D geometric patterns to fold

  1. Pyramid

  2. Cube

  3. Tetrahedron

  4. Octahedron

  5. Rectangular Prism

  6. Cone

  7. Trapezoidal Prism

  8. Hexagonal Prism

For more of these fun shapes to fold view this comprehensive and printable Alphabetical Visual Index or Find more here.

Create an entire town or geo city of your own, as in the pictures below.

Fold geometric 3D shapes

For this geo city project we used a large black piece of card stock and attached it to a piece of cardboard box. We then marked the roads and crossings out with a white marker pen and pieces of white paper. Houses and buildings were created using cubes, pyramids, cones, rectangular and other prism shapes in different sizes, using a photocopier to make the patterns larger and smaller. Different colours of card stock were used to make the city interesting with trees, dams, pools, post boxes, cars, busses and small outdoor furniture pieces.

3. Individual 2D and 3D Shapes to Print, Color or Cut

A collection of 10 Printable booklets with individual geometric shapes to print, cut or colour. The printable pages include different sizes, patterns, sequences and design ideas concerning a specific geometric shape. Use these shapes as geometric coloring pages or as templates to create your own designs for crafts.
Simply click on one of the links below to open these free printable pages.

  1. Circle

  2. Crescent

  3. Cylinder

  4. Diamond

  5. Heart

  6. Oval

  7. Pentagon

  8. Rectangle

  9. Square

  10. Triangle

4. Geometric Shapes for Craft Projects

5. Geometric Shapes Resources

2D and 3D Creativity with Geometric Shapes

Fascinated with designs and patterns created with geometric shapes? These are must-haves! Click on pic's for info.

Images - Each unique volume in the Images Series of ready-to-color pattern books stimulates the visual imagination with an infinite number of shapes nested within complex geometric patterns. Click on pic for info.

Geogami - Origami in Geometrical form. Step-by-step directions to craft 20 geometric origami figures. The papers sold with this book have been designed to enhance each form and allow the beauty of your geogami creations to shine. Click on pic for info.

6. Fun Geometric Resources for Kids

The latest, greatest, and best in education and helping children understand shapes and volume - so much fun they won't know they are learning!

From Amazon Learning Resources

We like the Geometric Tack Set, Geometric Pattern Cards, 3-1 Geometric stacker and the Geometric Pattern Blocks and Boards are superb! Other great finds include: Chalkboard Shapes, Geometric Stackers, Geometric Stampers, Wood Pattern Blocks, Geometric Posters, Puzzles, Translucent, Viewthru, Overhead Folding Shapes, Sensory Shapes and the Geo Snaps are amazing learning resources.

From Wayfair

Hot items include: Geometrical Stamp Set, Folding Geometric shapes, 3D Geometric Shapes For Overhead Projectors, Geometric Craft Sticks and Wonder Foam Geometric Shapes!

7. Create Shapes and Patterns Online

Looking for a website to play around on where you can create shapes, patterns, sequences and designs online? I found this neat site where you can 'shape up':

The Shape Tool

8. Tangrams For Geometrical Reasoning

Tangram Images With Geometric Shapes To Print


Geometric Shapes

Tangrams are an invaluable resource for logical geometrical reasoning and development. Tangram puzzles will assist with spatial development as well as creative development. It is a fun way to learn and create. For more geometric shapes to print hop over to our free tangram resource pages... click here to go!

9. Geometric Shapes Worksheets To Print

geometric shapes

17 Different worksheets to print, cut, color, outline, complete and learn about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes, polygons, shape names and much more ... click here to go!


If you have worksheets of geometric shapes to print, cut, color or fold that has been of help to you or others, please share it here!

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