Geometric Shape Activity

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Geometric Shape Activity

Geometric Shape Activity

A fun geometric shape activity in the form of a scavenger hunt where real-life examples of shapes are captured on mobile phone as photographs.

Both names and drawings of shapes are given in this excercise, student must identify both in the shortest time.

The scavenger hunt sheet of paper can be used to demonstrate one of the shapes on the sheet by either drawing or folding, and search for real life examples of all the rest.

A designated area can include: school grounds, park in city centre, sports arena or field and more, the idea is to make it fun.

To make it more fun and encourage pupils to learn the shapes the day before, a prize (chocolate or treats) can be awarded to the winning team or perhaps all of the teams that identify all of the shapes correctly.

This exercise will create a lasting impression of all the awesome shapes found in every day life.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT - This is a free printable, kindly share our website URL with students and parents.

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So good
by: Rumanas

This is much more difficult and even more complex than what we have seen until now. Only a less busy and sharper mind can take down this. This is indeed a touch response game and I would invite others who are interested as well.

Grade 5 Teacher Recommends
by: Helen

So fun, posting on my blog for my learners. I love all your "FUN STUFF" but this section is exceptionally good and helpful for learners. You can really tell when someone is dedicated to a topic.

Very Good
by: Maggie

Excellent, really very good. Thanks will definitely share this website with students and parents there are so many useful activities here. Regards, Maggie

Great Idea
by: Beatrice

This is a great idea, I will definitely use this, especially before exams. It is not only a great exercise but the fun aspect is a beautiful way to calm pupils before exam time and to assure them that learning can be fun. Thank you very much.

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