Scale Model building is a fun hobby for boys of all ages. Some girls may like this too. Hobbies help us to disconnect from ordinary routines for a while and encourages creativity.

Creating representations of objects to a smaller scale is one of the most popular and challenging past times of choice today. You can create miniature replicas of just about anything using a kit or by using your own imagination.

Shop bought scale models come in different sizes, depending on the type. Usually, the most detailed ones will be bigger, more difficult and expensive. The difficulty level will be stated on the box from 1 to 6, 1 being very easy and 6 very difficult.

If you choose to build a 3D model using a kit, read all the instructions thoroughly before you start. Beginners should start with the easier types in order to gain experience, confidence and also to get used to the different terms and instructions.

Remember to view our TIPS and MASTER MODEL BUILDER TOOLS below.


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HARLEY DAVIDSON Ultra Classic - $62.99

Two Wheeled Sculpture = Harley Davidson Introducing the “Big Kits”. Weighing in at over 6 pounds and a length of over 15” this kit will be the center of your collection. Finely crafted in 1/6th scale with more than 150 metal & plastic parts, details include working suspension, operational shifter, real rubber tires and opening saddlebags. Kit features diecast frame, forks, fenders, swing-arm and other pieces. Most parts attach with screws, and plastic parts require cement. All of the metal parts come pre-painted and decorated with a mirror like, pristine finish. Assembly instruction comes in a 36 page manual with easy to follow step by step photographs. Start or add to your HOG collection now. NOTE: KIT HAS 2 CARTONS CONTAINING PARTS. THE TOP CARTON HAS THE PLASTIC & CHROME PARTS. UNDERNEATH THE TOP CARTON IS THE LOWER CARTON CONTAINING THE METAL, TIRES & SCREW PACKETS. • 1:06 scale • 150 pieces • Assembles in 3 hours

Mississippi Boat – $62.99

Create your own beautiful replica of this Mississippi Boat with this all-complete kit! Thanks to the MATCHITECTURE technique, it's now possible to complete projects in which you can take pride. Starting with a single element -the MICROBEAM- you'll create an amazing construction. MATCHITECTURE is an easy and exciting technique: you simply need to cut and glue MICROBEAMS together, according to the plans. Contents: 1 assembly board with clear acetate sheet, 4 clips, 1 MICROBEAM cutter, 4500 MICROBEAMS (2 1/8" long) 1 wood glue (4 oz.), tweezers, 2 flags and instructions.

There are loads more to build: Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Tower Brige, London Bridge, Big Ben, Planes, Trains, Airoplanes and Fire Engines, you will find them all at the link below:

Other Fun Matchitechture Stuff To Build

1872 Vulcan Train – $26.23

This kit represents the first operational steam locomotive used in Japan. Locomotive number 1 carried passengers and freight between Tokyo and Yokohama in 1872. 1:45 scale. Three Passenger Coaches and display track included in this highly detailed, historically accurate model kit. Molded in color. SKILL 2

Build the RMS Titanic - $80.86

This 1/350 scale plastic assembly kit of the RMS Titanic measures over 29” long after assembly. This model is one of the largest and most accurate models of the RMS Titanic available anywhere. This kit of the Titanic measures 30 1/2 inches long and 3/14 inches wide when complete. Features over 150 pieces, the hull is one black piece, decking are molded in cream, railings, ladders, funnels, lifeboats are molded in white. Black display stand with brass-looking nameplate and "pegs", Anchors and propellers are molded in black as well, clear pieces for vents. Come with Photo-Etched Brass Railings and ratines, includes an anchor chain and monofilament thread. Detailed deck superstructure, compass tower with compass, electric rig cranes, american or White Star Lines flag, detailed funnels with steam pipes and ladders, detailed masts with ladders, postcard included with a picture of Titanic, recessed panel lines give a realistic appearance. Museum quality. Licensed by "The Titanic Historical Society,Inc." who furnished the original drawings and data. This is the largest, most highly detailed and accurate model kit of the Titanic on the Market. Titanic liverpool decals. Skill level 3

USS Constitution – Top Rated Model Kit - $61.12

“Old Ironsides" earned her reputation in the War of 1812 as a formidable foe to the British fleet. This model ship showcases incredible detail and makes a handsome display piece. Model features double decks of cannons and steerable rudder. Comes in 1:96 scale. The celebrated battle between the U.S.S. Constitution and the H.M.S. Guerriere during the war of 1812 was actually the second time these two frigates had met on the open sea. A few weeks prior to their historic conflict, a British squadron led by the lordly Guerriere surround the frigate. With escape seemingly impossible, the captain of the Constitution, Isaac Hull, ordered out the small boats and by kedgin a maneuver whereby an anchor was dropped some distance ahead and the hawser heaved in, the sip was gradually pulled forward. Hull also ordered most of the fresh water pumped overboard and the sails wet down to catch every breath of air. The Constitution escaped. several weeks later the two war ships met again, alone this time, and the mighty Constitution completely destroyed the Guerriere

• Model building kit builds to a decorative masterpiece over 3 ' long • A majestic, ready to assemble model • Engineered from plans by Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC • Detailed captain's quarters with bulkheads, table, and bunks • Can be rigged with or without sails • Step-by-step assembly and rigging instructions

US Gato Class Submarine – Another Top Rated Model - $68.81

The Gato class submarine was the state of the art in American design during World War II and bore the brunt of the fighting against Japan during the war. This all-new 1:72 scale model building kit is over four ' in length and boast 250 to 300 parts. When you get this kit, you'll find a secret code inside that will give you exclusive access to an interview by a Torpedo man who served on the Cobia. The Gato class of submarine was the state of the art in American design at the start of World War II and bore the brunt of the fighting against Japan during the war. They were fast, strong, heavily armed and well-suited to the long range patrols necessary in the Pacific. They were generally over 300 feet in length, which means this new Revell 1:72 scale kit is 52 inches in length! It is a brand new tooling and is a massive, world-class model replica with 266 parts. A highly detailed kit in every way. Skill level 3.

Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit - $147.95

The Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit provide a playful introduction to one of the most significant technologies of the early 21st Century. With this model building kit you can build a model car that actually runs on water. First, add water and watch it separate into hydrogen and oxygen. Then, use those stored gases to power your vehicle across the floor. Now that we have your attention, roll up your sleeves and find out more through experiments and demonstrationsthat you can do on your own, in a classroom or with friends. With this unique kit, you can build your own experimental reversible fuel cell car to learn more about this energy source. With more than 30 experiments and demonstrations, users will learn how a reversible fuel cell works to perform electrolysis as well as to create energy. The electricity required to activate electrolysis is created with a large solar cell included with the kit. During electrolysis, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen and the resulting energy is stored as a gas. When needed, the gas is fed into the fuel cell, which then serves as the power source. • Build a solar-powered car • Build a fuel cell-powered car • Learn about solar electrolysis • 96-page, full-color experiment manual • For ages 12 and above

F-14a Tomcat Black Knights - $158.43

1:32 scale. Updated version of the F-14A Tomcat. A truely amazing aircraft for the serious model building enthusiast. This kit includes all the latest weaponry used on the F-14A and comes with Black Knights Authentic decals. Approximately 400 pieces. Measures 23.5 inches long with a wingspan of 24 1/8 inches when complete. Skill level 3.

1/14 Knight Hauler Semi Kit - $369.99

This 1/14 scale R/C Tractor Truck features an originally designed truck body. Hood, large roof spoiler, interior, and lights (clear orange parts), which have been artistically rendered in exquisite detail. Grill, tank, exhaust and steps have been beautifully rendered with metal plated parts. Kit includes stickers and 540 motor. Thrilling model building at its best. • Aluminum ladder Chassis • Chrome Wheels • Electric 540 Engine

USS Enterprise Carrier - $174.45

1/350 Scale Ships are very large, measuring between 2 and 3 feet long. Full hull model kits with display bases and detailed instructions and painting guide. The kit is excellent, makes a great companion to the 1/350 Nimitz. • Plastic Model Kit-Assembly Required • Glue and Paint sold separately • Full instructions in hull of boat

Submarine Spitfire - $108.15

The Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most widely recognized fighters of WWII. Designed by R.J Mitchell, the Spitfire is known for its exploits during the Battle of Britain. Throughout the war, the Spitfire's engine technology evolved to compete with the newer Axis aircraft. As a result, there are numerous variants of the Spitfire, which served with distinction in the RAF as well as in the air forces of other countries. • This is the most accurate Spitfire Mk.IX model currently available in any scale • This is a totally new model building design • Challenging model production technology limits, the engine cowlings have an amazing 0.4mm thickness to allow for a fully accurate scale representation of the engine • Movable elevators, rudder, and ailerons. Flaps can be depicted in up or down position • Landing gear parts included to depict either up or down position


K'NEX Screamin' Serpent Roller Coaster - $219.99

Roller coaster fun and physics. Model building CAN be extreme fun. View all the models available!
Clink. . .Clink. . .Clink. . .Clink. . .Wheeeeeeeeee! Whooooosh!!!! Zip! Zoom! Dive! Climb! Loop! This Run Away Award Winner offers Roller Coaster excitement for the whole family! Build a monstrosity of a model. 6 1/2 feet long, 2 1/2 feet wide, 3 1/2 feet tall. Styled just like today's steel style roller coaster. Assemble this fast action replica and duplicate twists, turns, loops, and cool styling. Seat your passengers. Turn on the motor and generate excitement. Realistic sounds, motorized action, speeding cars. Your adrenaline rushes, your heart pounds, your stomach catches in your throat, and you can't wait to go again. Winner of 7 prestigious awards: Approved by ACE, American Coaster Enthusiasts, the world's largest organization of roller coaster enthusiasts Toy Of The Year Award Winner 2002 Canadian Toy Testing Council (CTTC)***(Highest Rating) Child Magazine's Best Toys of the Year (1st Place) Family Fun Top Ten Toys (2nd Place) "Best Activity Toys for ages 10-12" National Parenting Center, Seal of Approval Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Platinum Seal Parents Magazine, "Hot Toys for Holiday 2001" A Working Replica of a Real Roller Coaster Teaches physics: acceleration, velocity & work. Authentic Steel Coaster Design 1,280 pieces, 23 Feet of Track, Zero-G Loop, 3 Coaster Cars, 6 Passenger Figures, Motorized Chain Lift, Sound Module (Real Coaster Sounds & Screams), Color Coded Instructions Instructions for Building 2 Designs: Screamin Serpent (over 6 1/2 Feet Long) Screamin Serpent Jr. (5 Feet Version which includes canopy) Batteries Required: 2AA (motor) and 3 AAA (sound module). Not Included.


Wooden Train Set – Your Price $79.99

Your little model building expert in the making will love this versatile wooden train set by Maxim. This 100 piece set includes tracks, buildings, train, cars, farm animals and more so your child can create endless fun scenarios.

Build and Play – Your Price: $20.63

This sturdy Take-A-Part 4X4 from Battat is 11" X 6.25" X 5" in size and features 21 vehicle parts, and a power screw driver with 3 different bits. Big nuts and bolts for little hands. Perfect for ages 3 years and up.



Model Making Precision Micro Instrument Tool Set

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Tools
  • Designed for Precise & Delicate Work
  • Model Makers Dream
  • Make Your Toughest Applications Easier
  • Safely Stored In Leatherette Case
This is a model maker or hobbiests precision micro instrument tool set. It includes the following: 4¼" Watchmaker Tweezers, 2 - 2½" Bull Dog Clamps - straight form, 1 - 2½" Bull Dog Clamp - curved form, 4½" Standard Surgical Scissors, 4½" Fine Point Self Closing Tweezers - straight form, #3 Scalpel Handle, Round Form Scalpel Handle, 4¾ Spring Action Micro Westcott Scissors, 4½" Iris Micro Scissors, 5" Halstead Mosquito Forceps, Hook & Needle, 6 - Scalpel Blades, 2 each - #'3 11, 12 & 15

Model Building Supplies Kit

This set comes with hobby drop cloth with modeling tips, 3 brushes, hobby knife glueing tips and 5 films of sandpaper.




Glues used for model building are quick drying and can be harmful to the eyes and skin, use a toothpick, needle or pin to apply glue.

Some parts are mass produced for different models and you may struggle to fit them, use a nail file or scalpel to make them smaller. If they are too small, layer glue on sides that won't be noticed, to make them fit.

Make sure your interior parts are painted, before you glue them closed with other parts. Always study the real object closely before you apply paint or labels when model building.

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