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Easy crafts for kids will have everyone's creativity going, even if you are not a kid there is a kid in every one of us (smile!) and you are bound to find something awesome to create! Just for fun... or perhaps considering making homemade holiday gifts and beautiful matching wrapping paper this year? We provide superb high quality craft projects and craft ideas that will give you loads of fun things to do! Welcome, we hope you have a fabulous fun time and find ample great ideas that will have you hooked on crafting for life.
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Easy crafts for kids and toddlers Easy crafts for kids aged 7-11 Easy crafts for kids aged 12-88
Toddler Crafts
Easy craft projects for Toddlers and Pre-School. These crafts will awe the little ones! Click on the image for more teeny fun stuff to do!
Age 7-11
Easy crafts for Kids aged 7-11. These crafts are easy, stimulating and beautiful! Click on the image and get carried away to more fun!
Age 12-88
Easy crafts for Kids aged 12-88! These crafts are easy, more advanced with a few finer techniques! Click on the image for other great craft projects!


We wanted to call this page 'Homemade Gifts' but once done with these absolutely stunning free kids crafts and other craft projects, you won't part with them easily! Learn about craft tools & supplies, textured papers and craft types. Learn how different craft types compliment each other. Our MOTTO here at Fun Stuff To Do:


CLICK ON ANY IMAGE for FULL EASY INSTRUCTIONS for that particular craft project - the instructions and more craft ideas will open in a separate page window.

How to emboss EMBOSSING
Learn how to emboss. Easy step-by-step instructions to create this jaw-dropping work of art and to master this craft technique!
how to make textured paper GIFT WRAPPING
Make your own gift wrapping or craft paper. Quick. Easy. Stunning! Learn 4 super easy techniques and experiment with them in different ways!
crafts for kids craft box CRAFT BOX FOR KIDS
Make an easy craft TOOLBOX for KIDS! Pack and go, great for travelling! All those great craft goodies in one tidy, handy box!
Make shiny fish SHINY FISH
Make Shiny fish! A fun, easy, great looking kids craft project that will have the whole family fishing! All the different colors of fish in the SEA!
Pebble crafts, pebble faces PEBBLE CRAFTS
Loads of fun with pebbles making pebble pets and faces. On the beach off the beach, collect pebbles and seashells and make easy funny faces, sand faces and pebble faces!
Making picture frames WHITE PICTURE FRAME
Make this beautiful picture frame quickly and easily from ordinary things that you will find at home! Create them in any color you choose!
How to make a scrapbook MAKE A SCRAPBOOK
We do great things, we have great memories, we need a place to store those memories to remind us daily or years from now "How great life is or can be!"
Make Potato Stamps POTATO STAMPS
In 4 easy steps we show you how to make potato stamps and how to do potato prints. It is so much fun and such an easy way to create great looking arts & crafts!
ladybugs pebble crafts LADYBUG PEBBLES
Turn ordinary pebbles into beautiful LADYBUGS. All the colors, shapes and sizes you can possibly imagine. Make interesting paperweights and doorstops!
Make bugs A BUGS LIFE
A walk in nature provides awesome free craft supplies! You will be amazed at all the things you can create! We start of with some wonderful creepy crawlies!
Make Pebble Jewellery PEBBLE JEWELLERY
A super 'Girls Sleepover' craft. Make all kinds of pebble jewellery - it is great fun and very easy! Rings & girly things. The girls will love it & the mom too!
Make Eraser Stamps and learn the art of Eraser Printing. Great fun and awesome things to create!
Paint Recipe MAKE PAINT
Make the easiest, yummiest paints by far. These are the most economical paint recipes for budding artists!
Easy Thumb Print Art FINGER PRINT ART
Cute faces and things with thumb prints and a little imagination! Pull the paint closer and get your thumb in it!
travel play tin box to make with felt creations and magnets
A magical little travel play tin jam-packed with loads of fun activities, felt creations, magnets and drawing fun

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