Easy Crafts for Kids - Project 9
Colorful Ladybugs from Pebbles

Easy Crafts for Kids 9 - A great fun way for the little ones to pass the time at home, on holiday or at playschool!

In this project we turn ordinary pebbles into beautiful LADYBUGS - no hassle or major preparations - just quick fun!

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Pebbles - as many as you wish - available in bags from nurseries if you are not near water! Paint & Paintbrush, a soft pencil.


None, just loads of creativity and colors!


Use this technique to make interesting paperweights and doorstops!

Collect pebbles while on holiday and use this technique to create gifts for friends after your sea-side holiday.

Use this project to create useful 'Homemade' holiday gifts and add that extra personal touch by viewing this important page for ideas to make beautiful gift wrapping paper to match!

View all the Ladybug color possibilities in the picture further down.


The method to create this craft is simple and self-explanatory in the picture.
So we'll only offer a few tips and techniques!

  • Select pebbles with a fairly smooth surface - easy to paint.
  • Pebbles with a slight point will make a lovely little face.
  • Draw the shapes on the pebbles with a soft pencil.
    Playschool Teachers can perhaps do this beforehand.
  • Acrylic paint works well on this type of surface, it is thick and waterproof.
  • Add a little bit of white paint to colors to make the paint less see-through when painting it on the pebbles.
  • You may need two coats of paint for the perfect finish - apply the first coat and wait for it to dry.
  • Wash the brush out between colors.
  • Allow different colors to dry before painting the next color.
  • Use the color ideas in the picture below to create different ladybug pebble crafts!

    Multi coloured ladybugs, ladybug colors, ladybug, ladybugs, cute ladybugs, color, colours

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