Make A Sticky Travel Play Tin

One easy little portable travel toy box to make with felt creations, magnets, games, letters, and so much more, the possibilities are endless... Create art scenes with shapes, play fun games, play with alphabet and number magnets and tangram shapes without losing any pieces... and a quick plastic wrap over the lid and you can even EAT on it or build picture sandwiches! Great for travel... slip 'em under the seat. Easy and neat storage at home and away from home.

felt creations, travel games,

What you need:

  • A metal cake tin
  • Felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Small containers
  • Additional:

  • Letter and number magnets
  • Foam shapes
  • Wiggle/Shaky eyes
  • Dice
  • White board marker (Non-permanent)

  • cake tin, play tin, fun games

    Why use a Tin Container?

    Magnets will stick to the lid of the tin. You can make pictures, write messages, play word games and they won't slide around.

    Felt sticks to felt. Glue a square piece of felt to the inside of the tin lid, use felt shapes or tangram shapes to create pictures and scenes.

    Tin provides a solid surface to write on, use a non-permanent marker to play games like knots & crosses on the outer lid - wipe it clean easily.

    The tin lid provides the perfect surface to eat on, wrap a sheet of cling/plastic wrap over the inside of the tin lid - no mess, fold up and discard.

    The inside of the lid with a felt insert also provides a great surface to play games with dice or other pieces on.


    Felt do stick to felt. Glue a square piece of felt in a neutral color, the size of the lid to the inside of the lid. Cut additional shapes in different colors and sizes to create pictures with or play dice on the inside of the lid. You can also draw fold-up game boards on other felt squares, stick it on and play.

    roadtrip games, make toys
    felt creations, roadtrip games


    Visit the Geometric Shapes To Print page for some ideas and patterns to cut.

    felt creations, geometric shapes, play tin, road trip games
    felt creations, geometric shapes, roadtrip games


    Make some tangram shapes for the tin. In all the colors of the rainbow! You can also cut these shapes from foam sheets and glue magnets to the back; they will stick to the top of the tins lid. Tangrams provide hours of entertainment while creating all types of interesting shapes, like animals, people, boats and much more.

    tangram shapes, travel games, make toys


    Keep your bits and pieces together in small see through boxes and containers. They will keep your tin neat and tidy. Add animal shapes, magnetic letters, numbers and all other types of interesting creative items you can find.

    travel games, roadtrip games, make toys


    Need Some Materials? Well priced and Instant delivery.

  • Felt

  • Letter & Number Magnets

  • Foam Shapes

  • Shaky/Wiggle Eyes

  • Foam Sheets

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