What is "The Fun Plan"? Most people LACK ENOUGH FUN in their lives because they DON'T PLAN to have fun - they don't have a game plan!
We've heard about a balanced life, which means play as much as you work as much as you eat as much as you sleep. Take care of your body, mind and spirit as another means of balance in your life. BUT HOW?

We are usually great at working, learning, eating and sleeping simply because there are rules about those but when it comes to fun and play we easily neglect. We make up for that neglect with a quick TV show or ten, computer game or two, jumping in the car in search of fun by means of shopping, a drink or two with the boys, taking what's left of holiday accommodation or destinations etc. because we don't know about the game plan.

We get so entrenched in that rut that it feels normal, right and sufficient. But deep inside is a yearning: "What do I really work for?" or "Wish we had enough money to do all the nice things they do."

The truth is: Just like a GOAL PLAN we all need a FUN PLAN to motivate and reward us for all our efforts! With enough FUN in our lives: Body, mind, spirit, work and so many other areas of our lives flourish because we GET THAT REWARD! If you have a FUN GAME PLAN you receive FIRST CLASS REWARDS not the 2nd hand alternatives that so many of us settle for!

What is your FIRST CLASS REWARD? What is the fun plan?

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First Class Rewards

What is a FIRST CLASS REWARD? A first class reward is simply "The Best of The Best" and it can be the best of the best of just about ANYTHING within our means. It can be the seat on the airplane, the vacation room with a view, ample friends at my functions or special occasions, enough savings to travel whichever way I please, a boat, a holiday home, special fun nights, special day trips, special equipment for a hobby or sport, the list is endless. You will never know exactly what it is that will that give you that sense of pure bliss, reward, happy feelings if you don't sit down and think about it for a moment.

Figuring It Out

What exactly is it that gives you a sense of fulfillment or reward? What do you reward yourself with to motivate you further to achieve your goals in life? Is it to travel and see new places? To be surrounded by friends? Lazy day Beach Vacations? Sports? To Create Things? Gadgets or Clothing Shopping? Motorcars or Motorbikes? Spa visits? To visit Art Museums across the world or to explore the arts of different cultures? Only you can sit down for a minute or more, think about it and find those special rewards that will make you say: YEP this was worth working for! I feel rewarded from the top of my head to my toes! I did it! I'm revived and ready to continue going for my life goals! It's natural to have more than one dream but what is that TOP REWARD that will fire you up along the way to reach all of your dreams? Quick and easy make a list of 5 rewards for yourself, your TOP REWARD obviously at the TOP - stay within your means it helps!

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The Way Forward

If you are single, it's easy - start arranging your life to make space for REWARDS!
How to implement the fun plan? I'll tell you in a moment or move to the next paragraph!
If you have a family it gets a bit more difficult but nonetheless fun!
Everyone needs a reward and each has a TOP ONE that will fire them up more!
This is the time to get considerate - to the negotiating table. Perhaps some TOP REWARDS are in similar range and certain members of the family can get their rewards together while others fulfill theirs somewhere else.

If it's a very close knit family that does everything together - then each deserves a chance to have THEIR FIRST CLASS REWARD! You can still gear your own personal life towards that single TOP something that makes you happy!
Someone that is completely into skiing might have the best gear, their own skies and every other bell and whistle that makes it their TOP REWARD while the rest will be more than happy to rent gear while still enjoying the same vacation. You might even find that some don't even like skiing and would rather read a good book in a cozy little pub or restaurant while others ski - perfectly cool!
The important part is THE TOP DOG gets HIS/HER TOP REWARD when it is their turn - the fun plan is in action.

How to gear your life for that TOP FIRST CLASS REWARD

Simple: Invest some spare time, effort and money into the game plan and cut back on other things. When you are about to purchase something, ask yourself if you are neglecting your TOP REWARD! We easily waste money or overspend when we don't have a plan. Personally I think people overspend and waste because it is a means of instant gratification when a personal proper reward is in fact due!

There are simple ways to make rewards possible;
Instead of buying $200 worth of new clothing today, you might only buy a $100's worth and put the other $100 towards your TOP REWARD - do this with everything including grocery shopping. In fact you might even start PLANNING your grocery shopping better due to this, deliberate savings go towards the TOP REWARD!
You might be great at doing something aside from your normal day job or studies - painting; sell your art, beading; sell the jewelry that you make - all while you do what you love and it all adds up to reward you in a properly planned way! You will soon find yourself saving up so much when you are focused on a TOP REWARD that you will wonder why you did not do it before!
It happens far quicker than you can imagine possible!

Research your TOP REWARD well so that you know when you come across a bargain!
Another brilliant idea if you use online banking is to transfer the dollars that don't make up $5 or $10 (replace with your own currency) into a separate savings account daily, do the same with certain coins and notes in your purse on a daily basis, put it aside and bank it when it gets to a fair amount. Bits and pieces can add up to large amounts very quickly.
When a family is focused on a FUN PLAN GOAL, you'll be amazed how quickly they put money together for a particular outing, treat or event with the above idea! The secret is: AWARENESS of a "Top Fun Plan Goal" helps you to save and to focus which in turn helps you to reach the game plan quickly. Everyone is normally eager to contribute to having fun and if you do it in a planned way then you are able to afford amazing fun things in life.

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This is where that 2nd "Not so" TOP REWARD comes in.

Once again research your 2nd Reward, sign up for email Newsletters, stay informed so that you know where the specials are! I love the "Dinner Party Idea" because there are so many great things that you can do when you have friends around, browsing through our site will find you a few. The other thing about these are if you are short on time or cash, call it a games, tongue twister or some other evening and ask guests to bring some eats & drinks along - no one usually takes offense but everyone loves having fun. It's all up to you - just become aware of the truly fun things that make you happy, make you feel appreciated and rewarded for your efforts instead of settling for inferior rewards or instant gratifications.

Fun stuff to do, reward, saving, fun plan, free game plans

Wait! There's More Fun when you use the fun plan!

The next level of Fun - FREE FUN PLANS. A little bit of thought or a little bit of research will find you great 3rd, 4th and 5th fun things to do! If you love reading/books, make it a weekly outing to a new or one of the biggest bookstores in your area or a neighboring area - browse around. Love art; find out where free entry art exhibitions are. Love cars, bikes, boats, bicycles, fishing, cooking - Saturday and Sunday mornings are a great time to go see what is hot, new, on special or on sale! The key to this one is once more, you are focused on personal REWARDS not inferior fun replacements! The fun plan is in action and should be working nicely! This is a particularly great way for families to draw closer, to discover and understand each other's passions and it provides great variety! I'm just using simple examples for the above, just try the 1-5 Reward "Fun Plan" and let me know if this plan in action fired your personal life, activities and happiness up a bit!

Fun stuff to do, reward, saving, fun plan, free game plans

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