Things to do when bored, I am bored, so bored, what to do when bored


  1. Watch the stars at night. Eat pizza. Lie flat on your back. Admire the peace and tranquility of the night sky.
  2. View the strangest homepage on the net! Hover over with your mouse! He made that amount from this page - sure to give you a few ideas!
  3. Do some "Spot the difference" - this is cool and you can do it anywhere!
  4. Revisit your life goals, are you on track?
  5. Make your own cards, invitations and party decorations!
  6. Print some free fun party stuff! Throw a party!
  7. Write life goals down and place them where you will see them each day. Tick those off that you accomplish!
  8. Write or update your LAST WILL - if you have anything!
  9. Fold different paper airplanes and try them all out!
  10. Take your (or someone else's) kids to a playground or amusement park and join in all the fun!
  11. Write a list of all the things you still want to do in your lifetime! Make a bucket list of 50 things, it is fun! Research a bit.
  12. Design your own T-Shirts!
  13. Watch 4 consecutive sunrises. Take Pictures & Frame.
  14. Watch 4 consecutive sunsets. Take Pictures & Frame.
  15. Watch the moon or sunset for 28 consecutive evenings at the same time. Take pictures, you’ll be amazed.
  16. Try to capture a photo of the inside of a wave. Yes it is possible and it is a great art form! Look it up!
  17. Draw a Mandala – Google search "Mandala" if you don’t know what it is.
  18. Write down all the emotions you have in one day and learn about them. Search "List of Emotions"
  19. Start a Joke Night group.
  20. Start a Tongue Twister Night Group.
  21. Start a Funny Antonyms Night Group.
  22. Laugh, smile at yourself in the mirror (Just try it! You want things to do when bored, right?).
  23. Learn how to do facial exercises to stay younger looking (Natural Botox!).
  24. Eat something that you told yourself you don't like.
  25. Visit the worlds largest online shoe store. You'll be stunned I promise! Over 60,000 shoes. If you love shoes, you'll never be bored again!
  26. Go for a midnight or midday swim. (Neighbors pool will do and call them to join, hopefully they know you!)
  27. Write a letter to someone. Snail mail it, complete with envelope & stamp.
  28. Build your first dollhouse!
  29. Make someone laugh.
  30. Write about your life & add the fun things you did. A real diary in your own handwriting not a face book page!
  31. Count the people that dislike you & the reasons why (Quite revealing!).
  32. Make some fun photo props and have some fun with your friends!
  33. Substitute negative thoughts that you have about yourself with positive thoughts.
  34. Send or pick some flowers for someone for no reason at all.
  35. Make some breakfast for someone for no reason at all.
  36. Make a quiche or something yummy for the neighbors or someone that is ill and deliver.
  37. Ask someone what the greatest thing is that they dislike / like about you. (Yes indeed there are things that are irritating about you!)
  38. Exercise. The fact that you own a tracksuit does not mean you are active.
  39. Clean the rubbish room/drawer/garage – we all have one!
  40. Sing. Sing out LOUD. You might want to be alone for this one.
  41. Dance. Learn to dance. Learn a new dance. Dance.
  42. Tell 3 family members that you love them.
  43. Write about the things that distinguish you from other people.
  44. Plant a tree. Grow with it. Prune both as necessary.
  45. Plant some FLOWERS! Draw some FLOWERS! Buy some FLOWERS!
  46. Surround yourself with a few positive, happy people. People that have things to do when bored.
  47. Deliver Flowers & Cake to the old age home.
  48. Watch a child at play. Note the enthusiasm. Replicate it.
  49. Start a Journal! Write significant events of the day down. Release all of your tensions every day!
  50. Start writing on our website! Relax, blow off steam and share the "big" fun stuff in your life.
  51. Plan your next vacation!
  52. Take a dog that's looking for things to do when bored for a jog!
  53. Laugh some more. Jokes are funny. Learn a few.
  54. Research "Environmentally Friendly". How earth friendly are you?
  55. Make a decision about something that you have been putting off.
  56. Make some easy rock candy!
  57. What are so special about the people that you love - do you have those qualities - can you make those a part of your life?
  58. Save an insect out of the pool, a puddle or set it free from the windowpane. Take a walk around.
  59. Feed the birds outside.
  60. Get up to date with the latest music. Browse your local music store or the best sellers in all genre .
  61. Add a new friend to your group or start a new group of friends.
  62. Think of someone in need and do something special for them.
  63. Look after someone’s children for one night.
  64. Buy Movie tickets for someone else, surprise them!
  65. Visit your local book store or library. You will find other BORED people just like you there!
  66. Make a list of all the things that you know how to do.
  67. Choose one of the above and build a website about it. Let me show you how I have built this one.
  68. Search for an art piece online and try to make something similar.
  69. Watch live Webcams of animals online. There are loads! The sweet ones are baby animals. Search "live web cams".
  70. Find your home (address) & images on "Google Earth" compare the size of your home with the Jones's. If you are still bored, zoom in, see if they have things to do when bored!
  71. Research a new hobby.
  72. Listen to a type of music you would not normally choose. Ex: Classical / Panpipes / Guitar / Music in a foreign language (try Italian).
  73. Light some candles, switch off the lights and watch them - what are you thinking about?
  74. Light some candles, put on some soft music and read an interesting book. Ex: About the Healing Art of Gemstones or Places to visit before you die.
  75. Light some candles, pour something delicious to drink and take a long hot bubble bath.
  76. Visit the biggest Art Museum (The Louvre) online.
  77. Change your hair color!
  78. Learn to Meditate, make time for this each day when it is quiet and calm.
  79. Start a journal. Continue with it.
  80. Create a GOAL, FINANCIAL or FUN PLAN for your life.
  81. Host a party, dinner or birthday party. Plan it.
  82. Take a risk, take a gamble, play the lotto or simply give that money to a stranger.
  83. Visit a friend, take something nice that you have made yourself with you.
  84. Frame some photos. You can make easy frames.
  85. Go for an Indian Head Massage. (Needed when you search for things to do when bored, it unclogs a lot!)
  86. Sort your socks.
  87. Climb on the roof. Careful now! What did you find?
  88. Create a new recipe from scratch with things in your cupboard or fridge.
  89. Pull funny faces.
  90. Talk to someone funny.
  91. Talk to someone clever.
  92. Talk to someone wise.
  93. Talk to a homeless / injured person or a beggar. There stories will definitely change the way you think.
  94. Learn about the latest gadgets.
  95. Invent something.
  96. Wash something. Ex: Car, bicycle, dog, walls, fridge, face.
  97. Go fishing or bird watching.
  98. Learn how to make delicious different smoothies.
  99. Bake something REALLY fun!
  100. Jog, cycle, go for a walk.
  101. Learn the art of potato printing.
  102. Make thumbprint faces.
  103. Make finger paint.
  104. Learn how to play a new family game.
  105. Add some "sparkle" to a neglected room or area - a few flowers, a throw, new scatter cushion or two, some photo's.
  106. Wash your hairbrush, the dog's hairbrush, someone that have hair's hairbrush.
  107. Buy some fresh fruit. Slice, dice, eat.
  108. Take 10 very deep breaths in, slowly release. How does that feel? Oxygen everywhere, even the brain.
  109. Plant a fruit tree. Cherry trees are beautiful and fruit trees are useful.
  110. Make a herb garden.
  111. Write a Poem.
  112. Do something totally silly then do it one more time!
  113. Doodle.
  114. Take an IQ, personality or fun test online. What have you learnt about yourself?
  115. Dream. Dream BIG.
  116. Go for your dream!
  117. Think of "Funny Things To Say"!
  118. Be creative, create something crafty like a pretty box or card.
  119. Learn to make paper beads, any paper, a food pick and glue will do.
  120. Find a charity you would like to support or build from scratch, physically or financially.
  121. Try you hand at calligraphy or hand brush lettering and swashes.
  122. Create some word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, mazes, cryptograms and more - using your own word lists over here.
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  124. Join our Pinterest Page with over 20,000 fun creative and crafty things to do from all over.

Things to do when bored - I'm so bored





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