Preschooler party tips will help you with all the finer little details and ideas for little children’s parties. Choose games, select fun food, plan, and keep it safe. Make your small kid’s party a great experiences for all.

Fun Games

1. Preschooler party safety

Safety First

You may be a childproof “expert” because your own little one trained you well, yet, kids are different and we often forget that another child may attempt things that our own children would not do.

  • Close and even lock doors of rooms that are out of bounds or may be hazardous or contain hazardous objects for little party goers ex: garages, garden sheds and so forth.
  • At the beginning of the party, place a name sticker on each child, you may know the children but your helpers may not.
  • Choking hazards are real, avoid small balls, marbles, latex balloons (especially deflated and broken pieces), cheap toys with small parts, marker caps, small batteries from toys lying around and candy pieces that are not age appropriate. If it is hard and can fit through a toilet paper tube, there is a choking hazard.
  • Check the lawn for bees, sharp or dangerous objects like fallen branches, thorns and garden tools.
  • Make sure all ponds, kid’s pools, water features and bath tubs are secure.
  • Ensure that anything that can possibly be climb on is secure enough to handle a child’s weight. You do not want objects that your own child may perhaps not normally climb on, to fall over on other children, children are different.
  • Lively pets may frighten small children, keep pets and kids happy by asking a friend or neighbor to take care of your animals for 2 hours.
  • Secure doors to avoid children running out where there are motor vehicles or trapping their fingers in doors.
  • An outdoor area should be secure and enable you to keep an eye on all the children at once.
  • Keep a basic small emergency kit within reach with plasters, swabs, etc.
  • Have enough adult help and supervision. A good guideline is one adult for every four children at a preschooler party.

2. Simple preschooler party plan

Party Planner

With loads of ideas floating through your head simple things are easily forgotten, a simple party planner that covers all important grounds will add a touch of structure, help you to relax and give peace of mind while you tick off important items as you go. Preschooler parties work well if they are about 2 hours long.

2-3 Weeks before Party
Send out Invitations

1 Week before Party
Check replies and chase up those you have not heard from. Check for special food requirements.

3 Days before Party
Buy props, such as balloons, paper tablecloth, party cups, plates or food boxes, napkins, party bags and fun items to put inside as well as little presents for game prizes.

2 Days before Party
Sort out the games and activities for the party. Need a bit of guidance with a time frame planner for your party activities? Adjust the time to two hours and make activities slightly longer on the toddler party time frame planner.

1 Day before Party
Buy the food and make the cake if you are doing it yourself or collect if it is shop bought. Drinks and snacks for parents and adult helpers. Find Fun Party Drink Ideas! Put away ornaments and items you don’t want damaged. Arrange your music and make sure the CD player is working as it should. Collect helium balloons or inflate party balloons.

On the Big Day
Prepare fresh food and keep cool if necessary. Arrange party table and party area or pack food and props if you are having a party away from home.

3. Preschooler party food help

Party foods generally consist of savory and sweet food, drinks and the all important cake. Arrange your food in such a way that it will encourage little one’s to have something savory before all the sweet treats. It helps to keep the sweet treats separate and perhaps covered while the savories are enjoyed. Kids love to pick their own selections from an array of plates. Tiny bite sizes are always more attractive for little one’s and allow them to try as much as they like. Choose a selection of the ideas below:

Savory Food

The winning formula is to make it colorful!

Sandwiches – Tiny triangles or shapes cut with cookie cutters are more attractive. Keep fillings, simple and minimal and offer a selection of cheese, ham, cucumber, tomato or tuna/chicken mayo. Use super fresh bread and cut the crusts off.

Pizza Squares and Fingers – Cut pizza into small squares or fingers and stay with the basic varieties like cheese/tomato, cheese/ham and ham/pineapple.

Mini Vegetables and Dips – Cut cucumber, carrots, red and yellow peppers into strips, add cherry tomatoes and a cream cheese dip.

Cocktail Sausages and Sausage Rolls – Once more, the smaller the better.

Crackers, Cheese Straws and Mini Savory Biscuits Bites – An easy way to fill little tummies.

Cheese – Cut in strips, triangles and squares and mix yellow and white cheeses.

Sweet Foods

These are the favorite bites on the table. Again, keep portions small and colorful.

Sweet Treats – Marshmallows, Jelly Beans, Wrapped Chocolate Disks, Skittles, M&M’s and Lollipops hit the spot with most kids.

Biscuits - Wafer biscuits, Chocolate Biscuits, Finger Biscuits, Jam Biscuits and Iced Biscuits are among the favorites of children.

Cakes – Fairy Cakes, Cup Cakes, Mini Doughnuts, Muffins, Chocolate and Vanilla Squares and the all important Birthday Cake are the favorites here.

Drinks & Water - Check that children have enough to drink during and/or after active play.

Birthday Cake - Decorating your home baked or store bought cake with sweet treats and candies all around the cake, is often more than sufficient for this age group.

Other Foods

You may also find Healthy Snacks for Kids helpful.

4. Preschooler party low-cost budgeting hints

Parties can be very costly, but they don’t have to be. You can save by:

  • Having a party at home.
  • Creating your own decorations, and adding your child's own favorite toys, like unicorns, bears, cars etc.
  • Making your own food, including the cake.
  • Keeping party bags simple. A home-made biscuit or cup cake with the child’s initial is often more appreciated than a plastic toy.
  • Inviting a small number of close friends.
  • Creating your own entertainment, games and activities instead of hiring an entertainer.
  • Sending invitations via mobile phone.



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