Trampoline games are the best fun ever! If you have a trampoline or have access to one, you're at the right place. If you do not have one yet, you will want one after this!

Trampolines are not only great fun, they provide super exercise for the whole family. Absolute magic for kids and development milestones plus they give mum a chance to enjoy her cup of tea in peace on the sideline while youngsters get rid of all the excess energy.

Trampolines come with a great variety of safety features these days, less injuries, more fun!

The best part… trampolines provide a lifetime’s joy with very little maintenance, if you buy the right one (don't worry we'll guide you).

You jump, then your kids jump, then your grandchildren jump and yes, finally you have that old faithful back to yourself to give it your best go when you hope no one is watching!

SECRET: My favorite trampoline games, if you dare! Do check this out later, but first the fun jumping games!

10 Fun Trampoline Games

  1. Bounce The Buddha - One person is chosen to be the Buddha. This person sits in the middle of the trampoline with legs crossed and arms folded, elbows pointing outwards as if in meditation. The others bounce around the Buddha trying to get him to wobble and fall over. The Buddha must keep his arms folded and change places with another player when he topples over.
  2. Cracked Egg - Same as above but now the person in the middle is the Egg. Sitting with their knees to their chest and their arms wrapped around their knees in an egg shape. The rest bounce around to crack the egg, this happens when the Egg let go of his legs.
  3. Do As I Do - One person is the leader. The rest must copy the leader’s movements in the air while jumping together, keeping their bounces together. Those who fail to follow are out of the game.
  4. Memory Jump - The first player gets onto the trampoline and does a simple move. The second player does the simple move plus one other, the third player does the first two moves and adds another move, and so on. A player who gets the sequence wrong is out of the game.
  5. Dodge Ball 1 - One person is on the trampoline bouncing, the rest around the trampoline throw light weight balls (the type they place in baby playpens or bounce houses) at the jumper until the jumper is hit. Alternative: The jumper must hit someone standing on the side with a ball.
  6. Doge Ball 2 - Instead of anyone throwing the balls, the trampoline is the thrower. Place a football or soccer ball in the center of the trampoline, the rest of the jumpers around it. All start to jump on the count of three and must avoid getting hit by the ball. When a player is hit, he is out and the game continues until there is an ultimate winner – the last person jumping.
  7. Touch Ball - Place a good number of balls on the trampoline. Any size will do, the weight and size variation of balls makes this game more fun. Players must now run or jump, one by one, from one side of the trampoline to the other without the balls touching them. If a ball touch you, you are out.
  8. Seat-Drop War - Two players face each other. They bounce together and then start a sequence of seat-drop (sit) and bounce, seat-drop and bounce, keeping the rhythm going. The first person to loose control loses. The number of seat drops can be altered to make this game more difficult.
  9. Star-Jump War - Same as above but instead of seat-dropping and bouncing, the players do star jumps in the air and bounce, star jump and bounce. Alternative: Do a straddle jump (star jump touching toes in air) and bounce.
  10. Bounce War - One person shout: “one, two, three, four, I declare a butt bounce war. Everyone must do as many consecutive seat drops as they can. The person who does the most bounces on their butts, without using hands is the winner.
fun trampoline games

6 Reasons To USE Your Trampoline

  1. Great Exercise
  2. Exercise improves your mood.
  3. Exercise combats chronic diseases.
  4. Exercise provides natural weight management.
  5. Exercise strengthens the Heart, Lungs and Bones.
  6. Exercise promotes better sleep.

Exercise can be lots of fun when you have a trampoline!

Trampoline Games

More Trampoline Games

The Jump Sport Game Pack includes a book with over 20 trampoline games to play that will build endurance, stamina and balance, for one or more players. It comes with 3 squishy balls, 4 shock cords and a box of sidewalk chalk to mark out game areas on the trampoline.

Trampoline Safety

If you want to be safe rather than sorry, especially if you are going to allow children to play games on your trampoline then you may want to take a look at the following:

Which Brands of Trampolines Are Best And Safest

Check out AlleyOop and Jump Sport trampolines, they are highly rated by buyers as well as at Trampoline Safety. JumpFree Skywalker and the Jumpking Bazoongi are also good choices.

The "spring free" technology of the latest trampolines, provides extra peace of mind and is currently rated as the safest trampolines in the world because they have no dangerous or harmful springs.

Get some guidance from the trampoline safety experts:

  • Check the Crash Tests
  • Check the Ratings

Round or Square Trampoline, which is best?

Read what the experts say and make the right choice for you.

Best trampoline safety tips



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