Parachute Games

Exciting, active and lively parachute games for parties, team building, youth groups, teen parties, kids’ parties, family reunions, physical education or simply for your next picnic.

These fun games for all ages will provide a lot of laughter and challenges. 6 – 32 players can play, depending on the size of the parachute.

Parachutes are available in sizes that vary from 6 – 45 foot. A giant parachute can accommodate 32+ people to play at once, ideal for keeping large groups busy or for a colorful grand opening display at a sports event!

Pick A Play Parachute

To play parachute games, you need a Parachute. This is what they look like and where you get them. The better quality ones at least!

Choose a parachute size that will be right for your group. These parachutes come in a variety of beautiful colors and in different sizes with easy-grip handles to hold onto. A player can hold onto one handle or if you have fewer players a player can hold onto two handles, one in each hand. Go for quality, even if it means paying a little bit more, some of the cheaper versions are known to tear, here's a durable selection in all the various sizes. Read the page info and reviews to double check and to make sure the specifications provide what you desire. The games follow below the chutes.

Parachute Games To Play

Mushroom It!
The obvious thing that anyone wants to do that holds onto one of these parachutes for the first time is to see it mushroom like a real parachute. It takes a little practice to get the co-ordination right and for everyone to move at the same time. Hold the parachute taut at waist level, knuckles facing upwards, works best. At a steady count, get everyone to move together to raise the parachute and allowing it to fall naturally without pulling it down. Once everyone has the hang of this, the next step is to lift it as high as possible, taking two steps in towards the middle, allowing it to create a mushroom shape. When the parachute start collapsing, take two steps back again.

Balancing Act
Place 4 tennis balls on top of the parachute while holding it taut. One person starts a wave action to allow the balls to start moving. The aim is to prevent any of the tennis balls to slip off the side. As everyone starts moving around to keep the balls from slipping of the side, it becomes increasingly difficult to control all four balls at the same time.

Knock ‘Em
The parachute is once again held taut but now at chest height. Place 2 soft foam balls or beach balls on the surface, 3 people underneath the parachute will now try to knock the balls off from below while those holding the parachute will try to keep the balls on. The group holding the parachute will soon notice that with a simple flick or upward movement a ball can be transferred to the other side of the parachute.

The parachute is mushroomed into the air. One person is selected to call out colors. This person calls out a color. Players holding on or bordering on to that color swap places under the chute with players on the opposite side before the parachute falls to the ground.

Just How High
Using a large round soft ball the group sets into motion, flicking the ball up into the air and catching it again with the parachute. The aim is to see how high they can shoot the ball into the air without it falling to the ground.

A Numbers Game
How many times can the ball be flicked into the air consecutively and caught before it falls to the ground. Great when you have two teams competing against each other or just as much fun when one team tries to better their previous record.

Cat and Mouse
An empty cold drink can (the cheese) is placed in the center of the circle under the parachute. The parachute is held at shoulder height for this game. One person is chosen to be the cat and another to be the mouse. The cat starts off next to the cheese and the mouse starts off on the outside of the circle. The mouse must get the cheese within 30 seconds and the cat must catch the mouse within 30 seconds. The group holding the parachute is divided into two teams, every second person is on the cat’s team and the rest on the mouse’s team. The group counts to 30. The cat team scores 1 point if the cat can catch the mouse before 30 seconds is over and the mouse team scores 1 point if the mouse gets the cheese before 30 seconds is over. No score if the count of 30 is reached if neither the mouse is caught or the cheese stolen. The next two players go in.

Scavenger Hunt
Collect a variety of items in various colors, different types of balls, toys, sports equipment or anything else and place them under the parachute. The group moves the parachute in a rhythmic up-down wave. A players name and an item is called out, the player must enter underneath the chute (crawl, dive, run) do whatever it takes to collect the nominated item before the chute comes down and touch them. If the parachute touches a player before he successfully exits from underneath the chute, he must place the item back under the chute. The aim is to collect all items in the shortest possible time, then to better that time or to compete against another team.

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Most Popular Parachute Games

The three most popular parachute games that everyone loves to play. Great fun, great laughs and great for teambuilding.




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