Popular Parachute Games

Here are some of the most popular parachute games to play. Whether you are looking for picnic activities, party games, family reunion fun, youth group entertainment or team building exercises, parachute games won't disappoint. Suitable for all ages and groups. These active, lively, fun games will challenge, lift spirits, create laughs, test coordination skills with the added benefit of super fun games that are SAFE TO PLAY.

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Popular parachute games to try!


What You Need
A parachute; 12 plastic balls, half of one color and half of another.

To Play
The aim of the game is to bounce all your team's balls off the parachute. All stand around the parachute. The players on one side of the parachute is one team and take all the balls of one color. Those on the other side is the other team, taking all the balls of the other color. Start off by making large waves, then the balls are thrown into the middle. The balls will fly in all directions. The team that bounces all its balls off the parachute first wins the game.


What You Need
A parachute. Each player must have socks on.

To Play
The aim of this popular parachute game is to get out from underneath the parachute with your sock on before the parachute falls back to the ground. All players (with socks on) stand around the parachute holding the handles. Players on one side are numbered and forms one team. Players on the other side are numbered with the same numbers and forms the other team. Practice making a muchroom shape with the parachute. When ready players lift the parachute to waist height and one or more numbers are called. The persons with the corresponding number from each team must peal off a sock and toss it under the parachute as far as possible. The rest of the players make a mushroom and then let go of the parachute. The sockless players must run under the mushroom, put their sock on and reurn to the edge before the mushroom sinks. If the player gets out in time before the mushroom covers or touch them their team gets a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game when all numbers have been called wins.


What You Need
A parachute. 3 more players than there are handles on the parachute.

To Play
The aim of the game is for the shark to capture players and turn them into sharks and for lifeguards to save players. Two players are the "LIFEGUARDS" and one the "SHARK". The shark goes underneath the parachute. All other players SIT in a circle, pulling the parachute up to their chins by the handles with their legs underneath, making waves in the material. The shark grabs the other player's legs and tries to drag them under. The two lifeguards circle the outside of the parachute ready to try rescue players who are being pulled under by the shark. When a player is dragged under he or she becomes another shark. A time limit is set and when time runs out the sharks or the lifeguards wins depending on who is the most.

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