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If it's a PARTY, then FUN kids party games are just as important as the food and decorations! We know all the party game ideas available can get a little overwhelming! Here is a short list of 10 fun party games for kids that you can't go wrong with. These fun games are super easy to set up and although most kids games are a delight to play outdoors, should the need arise - most of these can also be set up indoors.

  • Birthday Cake Hunt – A fun game to start a kid’s party. When the kids arrive, tell them someone has stolen the Birthday Cake and they have to find it! Read out a clue to them that will indicate a starting point and send them on a hunt! Leave various clues, leading up to one another at various places.
  • Mystery Gift Passing Game – For this fun kids party game you wrap a small gift in layers and layers of paper (10-20), kids sit in a circle and pass the gift on until the music stops and then unwrap a layer. Include a little note between each layer with a fun action, a challenge or a candy prize. The person to unwrap the last layer receives the main prize.
  • The Hula Move – Divide players up in two or more teams (5-10 per group). Let the teams stand and join hands. Bring out the hula hoops! Each team must now move their hula hoop from one person to the next, without breaking their hands. If they break hands while moving the hula, they must start over. The first team to complete a full circle receives a prize.
  • Marble Balloons – Place a small marble through the neck of each balloon before you inflate and tie them. The marbles will cause the balloons to move in unexpected directions. Divide kids into two teams. Release into each group one more balloon than the number of children. The teams must keep the balloons in the air, each side with an extra balloon. First team to drop a balloon loose! Two adults can release the balloons into the teams, one by one at the same time.
  • The Cotton Ball Challenge – Kids sit on their knees around a table with their hands behind their backs for this kids party game. Place an empty bowl and some loosely scattered cotton balls in front of each child. Place a blob of Vaseline on each player’s nose. Players must now place cotton balls into the bowls, using only their noses! The player with the most cotton balls in their bowl after 2 minutes win a prize!
  • Marshmallow Tower - Give each team or contestant the same amount of marshmallows and toothpicks. They must build the highest marshmallow tower in one minute. You can set the time frame longer and increase the amount of marshmallows and toothpicks. When the time is over the structure must stand on its own for 1 minute. The tallest structure wins. A bowl of melted chocolate to dip marshmallows in can be the reward!
  • Beady Balloons – Place 2-4 beads in approx. 20-30 balloons before you inflate them. Hide the balloons around the garden. Make teams of two, now tie one set of hands and one set of feet of the teams together. Each team must now find as many balloons as they can, pop them and return with all their beads when the time is up. The team with the most beads wins!
  • Balloon Dance – Use some of the balloons left from the other balloon games (with a little weight added) to make this kids party game more difficult if you choose. Teams of two pick their favorite balloon. Get the music ready. Each team must place a balloon between their foreheads and start dancing and continue to move when the music starts. If anyone stops moving, they’re out. The last team dancing without dropping their balloon wins.
  • Doughnut Dangle – Tape or tie a piece of string hanging from the roof for each child to about shoulder height. Attach a doughnut to the end. The race is on, who will finish their doughnut first by only using their mouth, hands behind the back! Be careful, if the string detach from the roof, you are out!
  • Candy Toss – Tape two long lines of masking tape down on the floor, tape 4-5 empty bowls onto each line of masking tape, equally spaced. Divide kids up into two teams and hand each child 2-5 wrapped candies. Line each team up at the beginning of their row of bowls. Each child must throw their candies into the bowls, scoring for hits inside a bowl and scoring more points if they hit the inside of a bowl that is further away. The team with the most points wins.

Hope you enjoy these fun kids party games! More below!


  • FUN BIRTHDAY CAKE SURPRISE - Bake a rectangular before the party, and then cut the cake into squares, making sure that there is one for each child. When the children arrive, give each child a piece of cake and a collection of items to decorate them with (icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, fairy dust, caramel, cake toppers). When they have finished decorating each piece of cake, put all the cake squares back together so that everyone can view the surprise birthday cake! Each child will have the opportunity to reclaim his or her piece of cake once the birthday boy/girl has blown out the candles. All will enjoy their unique creations!

  • A REAL ICE BREAKER - This game will take some preparation beforehand, but the fun will be well worth it! Gather a collection of empty milk cartons or similar carton containers ahead of time, fill them halfway with colored water, and then place them in the freezer. Before the ice is completely set, drop a collection of small plastic toys into the containers and fill with more colored water to the top. Place back into freezer. Give each child a colored brick at the party, you will enjoy how much fun they have chipping away at the ice to find their hidden treasures!

  • SAVE THE LOLLY - For this game you will need: a small bowl, flour, small lolly-pops, a tray and a plastic knife. Put the flour into the bowl until its full and then squish it down as far as possible to make it compact. Flip it over onto the tray and place 1 lolly on top of the flour in the middle. Players now take turns using the knife to cut bits of the flour off and move it away from the lolly. Do not knock the lolly over or you will have to eat it. If the lolly drops then the player who dropped it must save the lolly out of the flour with their mouth, they can not use their hands.




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