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The simple secret with baby and toddler party games, like with any other kids party, is to be well prepared. If you know what you are going to do and have everything on hand, all will have a good time and leave happy.

Need a little help? You will find everything you could possibly need along this page.

Knowing that you have all planned, ready and waiting helps you to relax, and that rubs off on the children and moms who will feel they are in fun, safe hands.

There is a simple party time frame planner available at Party Tips for Toddler Parties, to help you with the planning of the time frames for your games. But remember, go with the flow of the party, if all is happy and well without planned or structured games, allow the party to flow naturally. Toddlers are natural entertainers!

These age groups are still too young to play organized games by themselves, so the mums or dads are a great part of all the fun games.

First Birthday Party Games

1st birthday party games

Baby’s first birthday is an unforgettable moment which deserves a real celebration. From helpless baby to a giggly, cuddly little person, they are now ready to join in and celebrate their first BIG DAY.

Some fun toddler party games that you can try:

Say Hello
Parents sit in a circle with their babies on their laps and sing:

Say hello, hello.
Say hello, hello.
Say hello to (baby’s name).

(A new baby is introduced at the end of each verse.)

Roll the Ball
With all the babies still on parents laps while sitting in a circle, roll a large soft colorful ball across the center to one-another.

Tickle, Tickle
Slowly recite Round and Round the Garden all together, then tickle the babies’ tummies or armpits to make them giggle:

Round and round the garden
Like a teddy bear.
One step, two step
Tickle under there!

Baby Dance
Each parent holds their baby and sings while making dance movements: This is the way we dance about… to the tune of Here we go round the Mulberry Bush, only with the last line changed to: ‘All at a birthday party’. Try different movements, such as jumping, wiggling, skipping and stamping.

This is the way we dance about,
Dance about, dance about.
This is the way we dance about,
All at a birthday party.

Knock Down the Tower
For this toddler party game the parent builds a small pile of bricks into a tower. When you say, ‘Ready, steady, down it comes!’ the babies knock the tower down.

Happy Birthday
This key song can be sung as a toddler party game just before teatime rather than at teatime, when babies (and parents) may be preoccupied with eating. Everyone sits in a circle around the birthday baby, who is safe on his parent’s lap, and serenades him.

Outdoor Fun If you are lucky enough to have both a garden and a baby with a summer birthday, lay out some outdoor activities such as a paddling pool, water toys, low rocking toys, doll prams, safe infant inflatable’s filled with light weight balls or even a baby slide and baby swings. Make sure there is an adult around these to supervise the play and to keep a constant eye on the little ones.

Second Birthday Party Games

At this age your child can understand most of what you say, and may be talking in short phrases. Although most toddlers enjoy playing alongside other children, they aren’t yet able to play actively with another child. This is a normal developmental stage, but it does mean that they will probably be happiest playing with toys or on toys individually. You will need lots of adult supervision due to the inquisitive natures this age group are so abundantly blessed with.

Here are some fun ideas to try:

Humpty Dumpty

The toddlers sit on their parents laps and bounce as everyone sings Humpty Dumpty:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a big fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,
couldn’t put Humpty together again.

At the words ‘…had a great fall’, all the parents dip their toddlers between their legs, then lift them up again for the words ‘…together again!

Squirt, Squirt
All toddlers love any type of bottle that can spray! Get a few small, easy to handle spray bottles in fun colors, fill with water, set them all on the mist setting and let them spray away. For extra fun, let them chase their parents with the spray. So simple, yet such a fun toddler party game!

Inflatable Pool
Fill a large inflatable baby pool with just a little water, just to cover legs. Add water, sandpit and bubble making toys placed in bigger buckets around the pool. Place the seating for moms and dads around the pool. You can also place a baby slide and play tunnel (if you have these) in close proximity. You won’t need to do another thing for this party, except bring out the cake.

Toddlers at this age love to sing and to hear other people sing. They also enjoy watching other people’s facial expressions. You can simply do a great sing-a-long and demonstrations, with songs like ‘Old McDonald, The Hokey-Pokey, Ring-a-ring O’Rosy and all the other fun toddler songs for a great variety of toddler party games.

Hang a large soft ball from a ceiling hook or a tree at a height where it can be kicked or patted. You can also use tennis balls if you would like to increase the numbers of the balls.

Colored Rattles
Fill small transparent plastic bottles with water and a tablespoon or two of cooking oil and seal well, the oil will do exciting things as the bottle is moved around and turned. You can also add food coloring to the water for some variety.

Bubble-wrap Jumping
Lay out a large piece of bubble-wrap, get them jumping to pop the bubbles and to lose some energy!

Bubble Machine
A bubble machine placed at a bit of a height in the garden that pops out bubbles at random intervals will have everyone waiting in anticipation for moments and then running after the bubbles for an instant, hassle free toddler party game.

Dive into the Birthday Cake
As much fun for the parents to watch as for the toddlers to enjoy, unless yours is the little one that eat so much that he will have stomach ache for the next two days. Place the birthday cake on a covered coffee table (preferably outside) hand out spoons for those who won’t use fingers and let them have the birthday cake their way. An inflatable pool and bubbles is advisable to get them clean. Warn parents to bring clean clothing.

fun toddler party stuff

Fun For Toddlers

toddler party games

These super cute toddler Pinatas will make a great toddler party game addition to your collection of fun games for the little ones.

They will simply love to pull on the strings of the Drawstring Pinatas and also love to give a solid pinata a good bash with mom or dads help!

These are only a few examples, there are so many to choose from, you will definitely find one that will fit in with your party theme.

Check out all these super fun toddler pinatas

Animal Faces For Toddlers

How about a little zoo? These animal face masks will look absolutely adorable on those little faces and will definitely provide a few fun toddler party games of their own!

toddler animal face masks

Toddler Foam Animal Face Masks


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Cute Toddler Party Packs

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party favor boxes

Fun Toddler Games

It is great fun to go fishing with magnetic fish and a real fishing rod or to catch a few play slippery friends in a net. Tenpin with a little help from mom or dad will provide loads of little laughs. Perhaps you would like to introduce your tiny guests to a fun pin the tail on the donkey game or something similar, these days you get the inflatable type without real "pins" which are perfect for the little ones.

party games

More Toddler Party Games

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toddler party themes

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