The joy of writing, an amazing way to describe the magnificence of certain events, thoughts and feelings in our lives.

This is the writer’s corner, where you can relax, blow off steam and share the "big" fun stuff in your life.

I am by no means a writer that writes well. I do it anyway. Simply because it is relaxing, therapeutic and often necessary for this site.

If you are a brilliant writer, great! We will be happy to learn from your examples and get some advice!

Not great at writing? Just do it! It is the only way to gain confidence.

Our theme here is "The Joy Of..."
This is an invitation to write about any of YOUR JOYS.

I will start off with one of my current "joys"!


The Joy Of...

Having A Two Year Old

From tiny, cute, smiling bundle in my arms... to enormous tantrum throwing, pitch enhanced, stroke of thunder he suddenly grew. It feels like HITLER entered our peaceful space overnight.

The only "little problem" I have is:
It is never ending!
"Destructive war scenes" play over and over in what use to be our loving home. On a daily basis. Some days on the hour.

I drop my head in dismay:

"What have I done wrong this time?"
"How can I ever send THIS to a playgroup or playschool?"

Random shouts of "NO" without relevance ring in my head.

He learnt the word "big". Everything is "BEEEG"! And "NO"!

Big brother dares to look in his direction, out of nowhere Mr. Two  shouts “dammit”!
I look at this little person in front of me and a nonchalant: "Mommy that was a BEEEG dammit"! follow.
I try to guide with: "OOPS! That is a big NO-NO"! We speak nicely to each other here.

Just to hear a sudden lightning strike of words with a pitch that surpasses the sound barrier and echo's on and on:
"EVERY people is STUPID! Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

Wow, I only said big no-no. Was it little no-no?

Heaven help me.

The pitch is followed by a windmill action of arms and legs that are in precise coordination with an even louder scream of “HAAAAAA” “HAAA” “HAAAAAAAAAAAAA” which then ends on a note that the very best soprano will struggle to embrace with such ease.

In a dumbstruck moment of pure astonishment I try to mimic the action that I have just witnessed. Without the pitch. Just for fun!

The sweetest of sweet giggle with a laugh follow from Mr. Two. THEN...without tact "Mommy is stupid"!

My jaw drop.

Big brother thinks he should console me and protectively wraps his arms around me.

A charge resembling that of rhinoceros in a cartoon is next and with one deadly strike big brother is down on the floor.
“Leave, leave, LEEEEAAAAVE… this is MYYYYYYYY mommy!”

Come you two let’s go for a drive to the shops or a walk in the park, another desperate attempt from my side to defuse a 2 year old attack.

Two year old shouts: “No, NO, NO! Don’t want to go to shops!”

Ok love, you can stay with Gurtie. (Gurtie is his name for our housekeeper and sitter, Gertrude.)

“NO, NO, NO! Want to go shops!"
Ok love, let’s go.

Would you like to go for a walk in the garden or kick ball?

Let’s play or draw something pretty.

Big brother tries with the current favorite: “Let’s go ride bike!”
“NO! NO! NO!” (Two year old now kicks the poor dog that happens to pass by as he storms away!)

Now, I’m a little fed up.

“JD this is enough now, this behavior is not good and not allowed in our home.”
2 year olds’ come-back: “JD’s HOME! Go away!

I rest my case. Thoughts of leaving the home I love pass through my mind for a fleeting moment as I pulse my self to remain calm. The stare in big brother’s eyes tells me he would like to join me on my journey to find a new home as Mr. Two zooms past on his little scooter and crash into the kitchen cupboard!

Big brother was a blessing when he was this tiny. We never had any day such as this with him … or is it that I choose not to remember.

Dear Lord, help me to understand why I did this to my happy home.


2 year old walks up to my study: “Hellooooo Mommy! JD wants to sit on mommy’s lap.” (Cutest smile included.)

Head on my chest, we cuddle and HITLER falls asleep moments later while we rock.

I look down at the little waxy face, rosy soft cheeks and golden shiny hair and wonder to myself why these beautiful tiny people can’t hibernate through this challenging and trying period in life.

Such is the joy of life with a 2 year old, one up-and-down roller-coaster!


Do you feel like writing today? Please DO!


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