Best friends

by Julia Knox. A

Once when I was in 3rd grade, I was walking outside and around my neighborhood. When I walked out into the street I saw some kids running around and playing. I was a bold and welcoming child so I approached them. My brother sister and I met them and from there, we were friends. Our parents met and saw how cute it was that we all clicked so well!! My siblings names are Anna and George. Their names are Sarah Katherine, Charlie, Elizabeth, Thomas, Emily, and Henry. Yup... They have 8 people in their family...(including their parents.) It was summer time and they were vacationing where we lived which was at the beach. At the time, we were too young to have phones so after they left to go back home in Atlanta, we wouldn't see them or talk to them until the next summer. Each year we would grow closer until finally, we began to hang out each day of summer when they came. Before we had technology to ask where they were or what day they were to come down to The beach in Florida, we would search the neighborhood for them and even the beaches. We would play, make up songs, swim, laugh, and run on the golf course until our parents told us it was time to go to bed. At the summers end, they would sadly retreat back to their home in Atlanta. Finally, the year came when we all got phones or some sort of way to text. We would keep in touch with FaceTime and even plan to visit each other. We were inseparable!! Our parents began to be great friends and in time, they began to be like brother and sisters. At this point in our friendship, we have known each other for 5 years. I wouldn't change any of them for the world. They are all my bright, beautiful, bold, and courageous best friends who I admire and love deeply. This is a true joy of life and friendship. Finding someone and becoming so close and fond of them that you would do anything under the sun for them. All the laughing, love, and memories that we have made, makes certain that we will be friends forever. We met on a road, and we will walk down the road of life together no matter where we are lead. Although they live in a different state and come visit as much as they can, we still are best friends. Distance is never an issue for us and never will be. Having them in my life is a pure example of joy. So, anyways, when you ask me to share joy with you... This story and place in my heart comes to mind. Having best friends who love you, support you, and teach you. I am blessed to call them mine.

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Friendship knows no distance
by: Anonymous

This is so very true, distance is irrelevant with true friendships.

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