Cabin In The Woods

by Garrett Shoemake

In the heart of the mountains of North Georgia, lies a beautiful, hand made cabin.

My Dad and his dad built this cabin long before I was born, but it is still thriving to this day. Throughout my entire child hood I would spend summers there, some winters, and even Christmas one year! My heart and soul lay in the memories of me exploring the woods, finding waterfalls, streams, bears, snakes, and all kinds of other fascinating things. I would fish for crawdads and build dams out of the smooth rocks in the creeks, my father taught me how to shoot guns there, basic laws of exploring the wilderness and how to hunt all sorts of things. There is a campground at the base of the mountain, which is sadly closed now. However it used to thrive during the summers, people from all over would come and stay in campers. I even had my first kiss there with a girl from Tennessee when I was just a boy.

The view from the balcony of my perfect cabin in the woods is the upper half of a facing mountain range, and it is the most beautiful and breathtaking thing I've ever seen. Just thirty minutes away from Brass Town Bald, and Bell mountain, my siblings and I would wake up and drive to either and explore. There is a river just down the road from the base of the mountain that offers tubing, the most relaxing feeling is paying 10 dollars to be driven to the high point of the river and tube down in for an hour; enjoying all of the sights, sounds, smell and wonders that nature has to offer.

Every memory I have of that place is fond and wonderful, things that I'll never forget. I thank God that gems like that still exist and for the joy of having a cabin in the mountain.

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by: Fun Stuff Team

Thank you for sharing Garret, it sounds awesome!

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