Fun and Insightful. WHO am I?

What to do when bored was created because some people can't remember who they are!

"I am Bored" he says.
"I am mom and I'm almost certain I named you Juan and not Bored!"
she jokingly says.

Here are some amazing things you can call yourself instead of BORED!

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Who am I, I am bored, What to do when bored

A few words and definitions that can replace the term "Bored" and "What to do when bored".

If you say you are:

ACTIVE - It means you are taking part in an activity ... any activity like swimming, tennis, exercise etc. - Bored is not an activity.

ADVENTUROUS - It means you are seeking out new and daring things to do ... climb a tree, climb a mountain, climb in a canoe - You can't climb bored.

AUTHENTIC - It means you conform to fact and are therefore worthy of belief ... research facts, research interesting ideas, research animals, plants or people - Researching "bored" IS boring.

AWESOME - It means you inspire awe, admiration or wonder ... create something positive, a painting, a poem, a herb garden - Create a positive "bored" - be creative.

BEAUTIFUL - It means it is highly enjoyable to look at, be near to - beautify yourself inside and outside ... treat and beautify hair, skin, finger and toenails and even your heart, areas and things around you. Nothing beautiful about bored - have a nap, get some beauty sleep. "What to do when bored" thanks Tamerin for this one!

BOLD - It means you are fearless, daring, clear and distinct ... do something bold ... confront a negative issue like crime, homelessness, bad management, negative or destructive people - turn a negative into a positive through word or deed.

BRAVE - It means you have courage, you are able to face and deal with danger, fear or intimidation without flinching ... join a crime stop organization or see bold above, bold and brave goes hand in hand - Bored is not brave. "What to do when bored" thanks Vicky for this one!

CAPABLE - It means you have the skills, qualities and ability to do something ... learn something new, there are many useful and helpful things to learn in this world, "how to" in Google Search is a great place to start.

CARING - It means you carry within you concern and empathy for others ... take care of something or someone... do something nice for someone who is always taking care of you or others.

CONFIDENT - It means you are sure of yourself, sure of who you are ... there are great confidence builders on the web ... confidence is a very attractive quality to have. "What to do when bored" thanks Justin for this one!

COURAGEOUS - It means you can face danger or pain without fear, it is a quality of spirit that goes hand in hand with "brave". Courage is an action word in many senses - no one who became rich or famous or changed things for the better ever lacked courage - work on being courageous.

CURIOUS - It means you are eager to investigate, learn and learn some more about different things ... find interesting topics, a sport or hobby. Curious about 'what to do when bored'? Read on!

DEPENDABLE - It means you are consistent in performance & behavior and you are worthy of reliance or trust ... show up when you must and learn how to manage your finances early on in life there are great books and courses about financial health.

DETERMINED - It means you are driven, you know what, when and where you want stuff, you have a positive influence on life, people and things because you know where you are going/heading ... set goals - short, medium and long term goals and achieve them - Bored? Then you must already be there (at the end of your life that is)!

DISTINCT - It means you are different but clearly defined by nature - you know who you are, what you like and what you stand for and support. You are not a grey area person who can be swung any way the wind blows ... KNOW how you feel about life's greatest challenges / the things that cause the most problems in life.

DYNAMIC - It means you take action, forceful action to accomplish things. The business world is full of dynamic people ... read a few autobiographies of very successful people, their dynamic natures always show.

ENERGETIC - It means you have high levels of energy. You have get-up and go in you! You get this from enough sleep and a good nutritious diet ... check your diet, how much rubbish and how much good, unrefined, unprocessed fresh stuff do you eat? - Bored is a lack of good energy! "What to do when bored" thanks Michelle for this one!

ENTHUSIASTIC - It means you show great excitement and interest in the things you do! You are passionate about the things you like and your passion SHINES! Search until you find things that arouse these feelings in you! Love what you do and you never have to work a day - simply because it won't feel like work! - Bored is a passion killer!

EXCEPTIONAL - It means you are special, way above average and the expected. We all have exceptional qualities - find yours early in life and hone in on them, develop other exceptional qualities throughout life.

FASCINATING - It means you are capable of arousing and holding attention, capturing interest. Learn this art it has a lot to do with language, tone and presenting yourself, it's the opposite of a bore.

FEISTY - It means in the positive sense that you have courage in the negative sense that you take offense easily. Learn to handle both and don't let them handle you. Life is full of feisty challengers, come prepared.

FUN - Is activities that are enjoyable and amusing. Read our Home Page! - Bored is the opposite of fun! "What to do when bored" thanks Maddy for this one!

GUTSY - It means you have courage, determination, you are robust and uninhibited/unrestrained. - Boredom is suppressing.

HAPPY - It means you are marked by joy, pleasure and good fortune. Happy does not come out of a pill it arrives when you have balance in your life. What is throwing your life out of balance? Bored certainly does! "What to do when bored" thanks Thomas for this one!

HARDWORKING - It means you know how to persevere tirelessly. What are your goals and how hard are you working at them? - Ever met a hard worker with time to be bored?

HEALTHY - It means mind, body, soul and finances are taken care of and are performing optimally. Where is the gap? - Bored means there is one and a good place to start searching is the mind (Bored out of your mind does it mean anything?)!

HELPFUL - It means you are providing assistance, serving a useful function! Bored serves no one!

HONEST - It means you are not deceptive or fraudulent and are without pretensions. You are marked by truth - The truth is bored is being useless. "What to do when bored" thanks Daniel for this one!

IMAGINATIVE - It means you are creative. Creativity can be unleashed in so many ways - art, writing, a meal, flower arranging, decoration, gardening and many more. - Still bored?

IMPORTANT - It means you are of great significance or value. - Bored means insignificant (not worthy to notice)!

INTERESTING - It means you hold attention, excite and matter! Explore some interesting facts & fabrications - No one is interested in boredom yet so many go there!

INTELLIGENT - It means your capacity for thought and reason is of a high degree. You have sound knowledge and judgment. Bored means you have done, experienced and know everything - contact me I need info for the site!

JOYFUL - It means you are filled with high-spirited delight. It's easy to give, find, take and attract delight once you get your mind past bored!

KIND - It means you show a tender, considerate and helpful nature. Cruel to be kind - Bored is like being in denial.

LIKABLE - It means you are appealing, sympathetic, empathic and agreeable.

LIVELY - It means you are filled with zest, vigor and positive energy. You are bouncy, merry and alert. You are "Redbulled" or caffeinated! Go out for a Redbull or an Espresso!

LOYAL - It means you are steadfast in alliance or duty and have an unwavering devotion to something or someone. I know people who feel this way about their 'imaginary friend' called boredom! "What to do when bored" thanks Chantelle for this one!

MAGICAL - It means you are charming! Yep, you can learn how to be charming!

MOTIVATED - It means you have an incentive waiting for the action you are about to take. What motivates you? Money - start a low overhead business, Love - Give & receive, Power - read brave, Travel - learn to save, your checkbook can take you anywhere, Success - Acquire skill. - Bored is demotivating!

MEMORABLE - It means you are unforgettable - please make it in a good way. I struggle to forget people who bore me! - Bored is not a nice way to be remembered!

MYSELF - It means me! It means mini-me or mega-me. So I said to myself: "Self, do you want to be mini or mega (and I'm not talking head or boobs)?" - Bored is minimizing! "What to do when bored" thanks Tim for this one!

NATURAL - It means in conformity with nature, not artificial, not imitated.

NICE - It means socially correct, gracious, courteous and polite. - Just don't tell me you are now Nicely bored!

NOTICEABLE - It means you are capable of being detected. Hiring a private investigator for your self does not count!

OPEN-MINDED - It means you are ready to entertain new ideas. I like new ideas, not so much the word open-minded it sounds like loosing your brains!

OPTIMISTIC - It means you expect the best to happen! Blue Mondays and mother-in-law visits won't count - You have permission to feel bored but keep it to yourself. "What to do when bored" thanks Rochelle for this one!

ORIGINAL - It means you are fresh, unusual and you set the tone.

PERSISTENT - It means you are never-ceasing, lasting, follow closely or go after with the intent to catch.

POSITIVE - It means you are greater than zero! Ok it means you are sure, confident and give advantage to good outcomes. - Bored is less than zero! "What to do when bored" thanks Dimitri for this one!

PRECIOUS - It means you are of high worth, treasured, wanted and valued.

PROUD - It means you display dignity, nobility and self-respect. - Wonder if the Queen of England gets bored. "What to do when bored" thanks Lua for this one!

QUIRKY - It means you are strikingly unconventional and way-out.

REAL - It means you are not illusionary and not to be taken lightly.

RELIABLE - It means you can be depended on. - This web page depend on people who are bored, so bored people must be quite reliable.

RESOURCEFUL - It means you are capable and able to deal with difficult situations.

RESPONSIBLE - It means you hold yourself accountable.

SHARP - It means you are alert, quick and forceful.

SPIRITUAL - It means you are concerned with the matters that affect the spirit or soul.

SURPRISING - It means you can cause wonder or amazement in your life.

SYMPATHETIC - It means you are good-hearted, compassionate, and friendly towards fellow feelings, you have understanding. - I feel sorry for bored people. "What to do when bored" thanks Jasmine for this one!

THOUGHTFUL - It means you have intellectual depth and you are considerate of the feelings or well-being of others. - Bored means you took intellectual depth so far you fell out of the bottom of it.

TOLERANT - It means you show respect for the rights or opinions of others, you are patient.

TRUSTWORTHY - It means you take responsibility for your conduct and obligations. - Bored is just an empty space of nothingness - sounds quite spiritual but it's not! "What to do when bored" thanks Nicky for this one!

UNIQUE - It means you are radically distinctive, rare or without equal - one of a kind. - Bored? You are like a million others! "What to do when bored" thanks Juan for this one!

UNSELFISH - It means you are not greedy. You have the ability to disregard your own advantages and welfare over those of others. Become a mom, babysitter or a nun. - You will never feel bored again with the 1st one! "What to do when bored" thanks Perry for this one!

UPBEAT - It means you are in a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. If you don't feel upbeat change jobs or find one. - Bored is a good indication that you should!

VALUABLE - It means you are of high merit, worth or value. Spruce up your friendships for this one! - Bored is of no value to anyone including you.

VERSATILE - It means you are competent in many areas. - No it does not mean bored in the morning, afternoon and evening, bored stiff, bored to death, bored to tears and anywhere else bored can take you.

VIGOROUS - It means you are strong and active physically or mentally. - I know some vigorously bored people.

WARM - It means you are friendly, tender, responsive and affectionate.

WISE - It means you have good judgment / common sense. - Bored is just common without the sense."What to do when bored" thanks Melissa for this one!

WONDERFUL - It means extraordinarily good or great! - No don't feel wonderfully bored, if you do, it's hopefully from taking a beauty nap.

YOUNG - It means not old - play a little. Bored is so last year!

XENOPHOBIC - It means abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign. I suggest you feel that way towards bored. "What to do when bored" thanks Hassim for this one!

ZANY - It means ludicrous or foolish. I suggest you feel and think this about bored also!

Sounds like my mother!

Now all you have to do is take the descriptive words and ask yourself - how can I do it / be it? Easy peazy!

Just how useless is BORED exactly?!

Do you know who you are now? Not Bored!

If you are still bored, then you are not only bored but a little stubborn too!

If you think we've succeeded to "unbore" you write to us - if you think we've failed please correct us - if you have something to add please share it with us!

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