Easy Crafts for Kids - Project 1
We learn: How To Emboss

At Easy Crafts for Kids we explore a technique called: EMBOSSING
In this project we show you how easily you can make a great embossed work of art with everyday items found in an around the home.
We learn to emboss on paper which makes this project a Paper Craft.

Learn How to Emboss, Teaching Embossing


2 x A4 sheets of thin cardboard

One sheet of art paper in silver, gold or a metalic color (available from art shops - buy a few sheets, they are great to have around for all types of paper crafts) alternatively practice on tin foil.

A pair of compasses (or any type of objects to draw different sizes of circles)

Craft knife, paper punch, glue and a teaspoon.


A sheet of corrugated or textured paper for a frame.

If you are too young to handle a craft knife, ask someone older to do the inside bits of the template with a craft knife for you. The outer areas can be cut with a pair of scissors. Should you be fortunate enough to have a pair of ZIG-ZAG scissors, these would come in handy!


Use this easy crafts for kids technique to make Valentine's, Birthday, Christmas, Mother's or Father's Day cards with hearts, balloons, a chrismas tree or any other simple shapes that you can find.

Use different simple flower shapes to make striking crafts that can hang together in pairs.


How to emboss step 1 1. Use a pair of compasses to draw three circles on a piece of thin cardboard. Make each one a slightly different size.
Cut template for embossing step 2 2. Draw a zig-zag edge around each circle and a plain circle in the middle of each one. Cut around the zig-zag lines.
How to cut with a craft knife Step 3 3. In the middle of the largest circle, draw curved shapes. Then, carefully use a craft knife to cut them out.
How to create embossing effects step 4 4. Use a hole puncher to punch holes in some scraps of cardboard. Open the puncher and glue the punched circles around the edge.
How to structure templates for embossing step 5 5. Cut the middle out of one of the other circles and cut a zig-zag line around it. Then, cut a circle out of its middle.
The 3 layer effect of embossing step 6 6. Glue another zig-zag edge circle onto the remaining circle. Cut out a ring of cardboard and glue it in the middle.
Arranging Embossing Templates step 7 7. Lay all the pieces onto some paper or cardboard. Arrange them in an overlapping pattern, then glue them on.
Embossing with a teaspoon step 8 8. Tape a piece of art paper over the circles. Use the end of a teaspoon to press and rub around the cardboard shapes.
Completing each image step 9 9. Continue pressing around the shapes until you have revealed all the shapes. Your piece is ready to frame.

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Craft Tools, Embossing Tool


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