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Make Pebble Jewellery

This is a GIRLS & MUM'S page with more fun stuff to do from 'Easy Crafts for Kids' and free craft supplies from nature! (No one stopping the boys from making this for us!). As we've said before there is no better place to look for craft supplies than in good old Mother Nature herself! Take a stroll down a pebble beach or to your nearest nursery, you'll be amazed when you take a closer look at those small, tiny pebbles. All the different colors, shapes and sizes are truly beautiful and you'll be even more amazed when you see what you can make with them!

Let's take a sneak peek...

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Pebble jewellery must be one of the easiest, most fun kid's crafts around - especially for the girls and the moms!
We are laying down our beading hats for a moment or a "moanment" and moving to something equally awesome, only much quicker and easier!

The pebbles in the picture above have interesting painted patterns on - create your own OR leave the pebbles and seashells in there natural form without painting them as shown in the picture below!


Colored small flat pebbles make pretty rings while egg shaped pebbles and pointy seashells are ideal for pendants. Claws for pendants can also be attached to larger flat round pebbles if you like bulkier pendants!

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  1. Pebbles or Seashells
  2. Strong Glue
  3. Acrylic paint & paintbrush if you choose to paint the pebbles or seashells
  4. Jewellery bases - available from Craft Stores and most Beading Shops (shown in the picture below)


Have you ever seen how wet pebbles 'glow' - it is as if the colors come forth ten fold and they are shiny! To create this look with your pebble jewellery you can simply paint your pebbles with clear varnish.

Having a 'Girls Night' sleepover - why not make some Pebble Jewellery? The girls will love it! Create before supper - assemble after supper - ready to wear the next day - super mom & little hostess! Make a matching set - ring, pendant, earrings and a brooch if you like.

The picture below show different types of jewellery bases that you may want to look for before you start! Earring bases are also available and the super tiny little pebbles available from nurseries are great for those.

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It is great fun to paint pebbles, especially the dull ones! The picture below gives some tips on painting pebbles! The instructions for making pebble jewellery is simple - find, decorate and glue one! How easy is that? We give ideas, you get creative!

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The picture below gives ideas on how to attach a claw to a pebble or a seashell.

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