Easy Crafts For Kids - Project 4
Make Shiny Fish

Easy crafts for kids found another super fun, super easy, great looking kids craft project that can be done at the kitchen table near the tin-foil, salt & vegetable bags!

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Kithen/Tin Foil, A Net Vegetable Bag, Sticky Tape, Felt-tip Pens (Permanent Ink)


If you would like to create the sea & sky you need: Thick paper, ink & paintbrush, salt


Use these fish as decoration for Father's Day cards or to decorate your sea-side holiday photo album!


How to Paint the sea 1.For the sea, mix blue ink with water then use a thick brush to paint all over a piece of thick paper.
Painting the sea 2.Use the tip of the brush to dab on undiluted ink, then drop blobs of water onto it. Sprinkle salt all over, let it dry.
How to Paint the sky 3.For the sky, mix even more water with the blue ink and paint it all over another piece of thick paper.
Painting the sky 4.While the ink is still wet, dab on a darker ink mixture in a few places. Then, dab it with a tissue to lift of some of the ink.
How to draw a fish 5.While the backgrounds are drying, draw a simple fish shape on a piece of kitchen foil. Tape it to a net vegetable bag.
How to texture a fish 6.Use your thumbnail to rub the foil, inside the outline of the fish. The pattern of the net will show on the foil.
How to color a fish 7.Fill in a stripe of green felt-tip pen along the back of the fish. Add a light green stripe under it, thenfill in below with yellow.
cut the fish 8.Draw purple and orange lines on the head. Add an eye with a black pen. Cut out the fish and make several more.
glue the scene together 9.Brush the salt off the sea, then cut a wavy line across it. Glue the sea onto the sky, then add the fish on top.

TIP: For the best effect, use felt-tip pens with permanent ink.

TIP: The salt will react with the ink to leave those watery patterns on the sea.

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