Ladybug Crafts

by Milly

Bottle Cap Ladybug

Bottle Cap Ladybug

I loved your free printable ladybug party pack so much and enjoyed every moment of putting it together. My little girl's birthday was SUPER CUTE and totally UNIQUE.

Giving back a little I want to share some very cute crafts that mom and daughter had fun creating for the party:

1. The first one is super easy. Collect some colorful bottle caps, use a permanent black ink marker to draw dots and a head for the ladybug, then stick some toggle eyes available at stationers and craft shops on.

These look super adorable scattered along the pathway that your guests will follow to your front door and it will definitely put a smile on the little one's faces that are not smiling yet.

2. The second craft is made from paper plates. Paint the first paper plate black or use standard black paper plates. Paint the second paper plate with a color of your choice or use standard colored paper plates. Cut the second colored paper plate in half and position over the black paper plate, overlapping on one side to form the wings. Then cut a little face, eyes and dots out of paper and complete your ladybug.

I used these as table centerpieces.

Thanks for an adorable website.

Regards, Milly

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Great crafts
by: NIC B

The ladybug crafts are amazing, they are the perfect fun and educational activity for your kid. Maybe your children would also enjoy it.

by: Delane

How cute is this! I am a pre-school teacher and my little ones are going to love making these. So easy, so cute and so fun. Love it, thank you.

Super cute ladybug craft
by: Fun Stuff To Do

Thank you so much Milly, we love these two crafts and the awesome part is, they are so EASY! It is superb and will be super fun for little kids to make. I am sure a few moms and teachers will use this!

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