Purse Template

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Handbag / Purse Template

Handbag / Purse Template

Use this purse template as an envelope or a pocket to place flat items like invitations, greeting cards, stickers, gift vouchers or gift cards and awards in.

You can make also use this template to make invitations and greeting cards, you wont need the side gussets for this.

We have used this template successfully to create a very sweet handbag / purse banner, the same way you would when creating a bunting flag banner. Again the side gussets were not used.

To make the side gussets for a pocket or envelope, fold the sides of the triangle template over to one side, then make a fold in the center in the opposite direction. Glue the side edges to the inside of the purse. The center fold of the gusset will now fold to the inside of the purse.

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Thank you
by: Meranda

Thank you this template is exactly what I am looking for. Adorable.

I am using this for my daughter's "Little Lady" party to put a few little things in for her guests. I have bought small little frame easels to place these on at each place setting.

From: Fun Stuff
Love the "Little Lady" party idea!

These look beautiful with a piece of satin ribbon knotted on the inside as a sling handle.

Another idea if the budget allow; is to get (costume jewelry) neck chains to use as the sling for the bags, the girls can then use this afterward for the purpose it was intended. :-)

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