Candy Color Polka Dots

Candy color polka dots are perfect for decorating a candy land party, making fun paper picnic place mats, napkin rings and other great goodies for all those festive holidays and outings. Fun cheerful cards, invitations and thank you notes all call for yum delicious colors.

Get your candy polka dot template now! Choose from tiny, small, medium, large or random large sized polka dots. Or have 'em all! Remember it's your template to keep forever, to print beautiful polka dots in seconds whenever you need a pretty cute piece of card stock or paper.

Pick one of our candy color combinations or CREATE YOUR OWN, yes we can custom make a polka dot template for you!

polka dots, candy, orange, yellow, green polka dots, candy, pink ,purple, green
polka dots, candy, orange, pink polka dots, candy, blue, purple, darkpink
polka dots, candy, blue, green, dark pink polka dots, candy, variety colors

Hover over the template of choice with your cursor to see the colors.

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pink purple green polka dots

File Formats: PDF, JPG AND PNG

5 Pink, purple and green templates for $5.50

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mixed candy color polka dots

File Formats: PDF and PNG

5 Templates with various candy colors for $5.50

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blue green darkpink polkadots

File Formats: PDF, JPG and PNG

5 Templates with Blue, green and dark pink for $5.50

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Custom Made Polka Dot Templates

We can custom make a polka dot template for you with your own choice of colors. Find 2 to 4 colors of your own choice, visit the Color Wheel or the Color Picker, get the Hex Codes for your colors and return here to place your order.

Colors & Sizes
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