Most Fun Photography Jobs

You have a camera. You love to take photos. You want to know how photography jobs on the internet work. It certainly is one of the most fun and lucrative jobs online today. Let's get you on your way to earn real income from your best-loved hobby. 

photography jobs onlineGet Paid To Take Photos

  • Make a part-time or full-time living from your Photographs!
  • Make money no matter where you are in the world!
  • Turn your hobby into a profitable business now!
  • Upload and instantly sell to millions of potential buyers.
  • Receive your payments easily.
  • Get your camera out and start a high-paying career in photography today!

What You Need to Get Started:

  1. Camera
  2. PC (Personal computer or laptop)
  3. Internet connection
  4. An eye for beautiful images

What You Don't Need:

You don't have to be a professional photographer and you also don't need the biggest and best camera on the market.

How Much Can You Earn from Photos?

There is no limit to how much you can earn, it all depends on how many times your photos are downloaded by potential buyers.

Photographers are making hundreds and even thousands of dollars every day selling their photographs online to websites, blogs, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, magazines and many more. Millions of photos are sold online every day.

You can find the standard and top rates, as well as a potential earnings calculator here!

Photography Job Secrets:

Learn all the secrets photographers use to earn well online.

  • You want your photos to be in front of as many willing and able photo buyers that pay top dollar for good pictures.
  • You need tips to optimize your images for the most searched for terms that buyers enter to find photos.
  • You need to know which types of photos are most popular.
  • You need to know which types of photos to submit to get accepted by stock photography resellers.

Get all the help you need right here!

You have very little to loose to find out how your photographic career can start; or reach new heights.

Alternatively you can follow the links below, register and post your photo, image or video files directly to one or all of these top stock image websites:

DepositPhotos - Sell your photos, vector images, videos

DreamsTime - Sell your photographic and design images

Professional Digital Photography Success

Want to learn from a professional photographer how to shoot postcard and magazine perfect images like this to get more online clients?

photography secrets and successPhotography Success
digital photography lighting successSimple Photography Tips & Techniques


  • How to compose your shots and position your camera
  • Simple secrets to turn bland dreary shots in to stunning photographs that you can enter into competitions
  • Simple day elements to look for to improve your photos
  • How to master lighting (the one thing most do wrong)
  • Camera settings that are crucial for perfect photos
  • Know exactly which settings will work best by looking at a scene before you take your camera out
  • How professionals get the best paying photography jobs
  • And much, much more... click here to see!


A monthly digital photography magazine with all the latest trends.

How to Easily Get Paid in Dollars for Your Work:

Perhaps you are in the US and perhaps not. The easiest way to get paid in dollars by Top American Photo Sharing Companies for your photography work is to get a bank account here!


  • American stock image companies sell the most photos, in order for them to pay you easily, you need a US bank account.
  • You will receive an American bank card and bank account number within days from applying.
  • The bank will send the bank card to your preferred address. 
  • You can use this bank card to withdraw funds anywhere in the world at any ATM (Visa or Master)
  • Your funds are paid in dollars and stay in dollars in your account, no currency conversions needed to local accounts. 
  • You will receive the currency of the country you are in from any ATM when you withdraw funds.
  • You can use the bank account number to give to the companies that have to pay you for your photos via direct transfer.
  • The first deposit into your account will also give you an additional $25 from the bank, when using the above link to apply.

Photo Editing So Simple A Child Can Do It!

Never delete your "bad" photos again. A photo editing program so powerful, you'll wish you've kept all your seriously flawed photos! Follow this link and try it for free, stay on the free plan forever or upgrade for just $4.99. Let me know if I'm right and don't forget to check out their blog for quick tutorials (usually just seconds long). You'll learn how to easily:

  • Rescue throwaway Photos 
  • Turn a Photo into an Illustration
  • Have complete control over your lighting with simple edits
  • Create 9 beautiful black and white photo effects
  • Add a watermark logo to your photos
  • Create final photo product presentation cards and promotions
  • Create photo collages
  • Erase the background behind a subject
  • Basic edits to crop a photo, resize, adjust exposure
  • Jazz up your images with overlays
  • Add text and garnishes to a photo
  • + many more

Free Photo Inspiration
Tips & Techniques

For tons of free photography job tips, techniques and inspiration follow us here.

Take many photos; and may you earn well. We hope you enjoy your new photography job!

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