Dads 70th Birthday write your own charades

I would like for the guests to my dads surprise party to each write a memory or funny thing that he does on a sheet of paper and put them all in a bowl. Each guest will randomly draw one and act it out. I need help with presentation of this!!! I am expecting around 30 guests. Thank you so much.

From: The Fun Team

Wonderful idea to let everyone add a memory Delaina!

We have the blank printable charades cards (free).

Download the free blank charades cards here

They may be a little bit on the small side for your idea though, they were created to only contain a few words at most.

Just off the top of my "party hat" here is just something I thought of:

How about creating something like olden day scrolls with a few simple items as follow.
Wooden food picks or kebab sticks, glued to the edge of a strip of paper (just cut the sharp point off with scissors). Then roll the paper around the stick and tie with a ribbon or something of your choice. Place these in a beautiful glass vase, when guests arrive they can have a drink and write down their memory.

This will also remain a beautiful keepsake for your dad, which I am sure he would love to read after the excitement of the party is over.

Once every one has eaten, you can have each guest, pick a scroll and then share your fun charades idea, that they have to act the content of their scroll out for others to guess. They usually get 1-3 minutes.

I would keep this light and simple, without severe competition to avoid conflict. You can have treats on hand like small chocolate/fruit bars or cocktail drinks, whichever your guests will prefer. If a person guess correctly, they receive a treat. If nobody can guess the act, then the person acting out can get a little fun punishment, like for instance having to serenade the "Birthday Boy" with a happy birthday song (again choose something that will suite your guests).

If you don't want this to continue for too long, you can pair guests up in groups of say 5 people. Each group choose one scroll and all act the content of the scroll out simultaneously. Treat for a correct guess from the audience and the group can for instance perform a song together for your dad, if they can't get the message across.

Have a camera ready, this could be huge fun and make for lovely memories!

I hope we have answered your question or at least understood your question correctly.

Have a wonderful 70th Birthday!

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I am stealing this
by: Gigi

An amazing idea! I am definitely stealing this for my dads 80th. You can really turn this into such a fun activity that all will remember.

Thank you, thank you! I have wrecked my brain on keeping everyone happy at the 80th birthday party. This is it! In actual fact I like the idea so much, I am going to do it at the Graduation party for my son as well. You can truly adapt this idea for any age group. Superb!

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