Twenty super fun teen party games that will create a buzz, followed by over 101 other amazing games shared by teenagers from all over the world. All the games are free and easy to set up. Each game is carefully selected to ensure maximum fun.

These teen party games and ideas are not only for birthdays. Teenagers have a unique way to celebrate just anything in life, if we allow them. Wallow through these free party game ideas for teens and do not be fooled, these fun games can be played at any event where teenagers are present, from family reunions to youth group gatherings. PLAY the games! Reading through these games won't do justice to the amount of fun and laughter they provide. Select a few fun games for your cool crowd and make your indoor or outdoor party an unforgettable hit that no one will forget.


  • I AM – A fun impersonation teen party game to start your party! Each player choose a person to impersonate. It can be anyone as long as everyone knows the person – teachers, parents, celebrities or friends. Each write the person’s name that they will impersonate on a piece of paper and place the paper in their own pocket. One by one start impersonating and the rest must guess! The person, who gets the most impersonations correct, wins. Have a prize for the winner and for the person that does the best impersonation!
  • GIFT GRAB – Another nice icebreaker to start a party. You need 5 - 10 small wrapped gift prizes and TWO decks of cards. Sit in a circle. Pass the cards from the first deck out to everyone, giving everyone one at a time until all the cards are gone – a few might get more cards than others do. Now take the second deck of cards and call out each card as you pull them from the deck. The person that holds the matching card from the first deck of cards stand up and pick a prize, continue until all the prizes are gone (this will take 5-10 cards depending on the number of gifts). The FUN begins with the remaining cards of deck two! Everyone can now STEAL THE GIFTS from each other. You can steal a gift from anyone else who holds a gift when a card you hold is called. When the complete second deck of cards has been called out, the people with the gifts keep them.
  • ANYTIME SNOWBALLS – Snowball fight of the year! It is not cold it is not wet but its loads of fun. A teen party game that nobody will forget! Start at the toe of a pair of pantyhose, fill with a half a cup of flour, tie a knot just above the flour, and cut. Tie a knot in the loose end and fill once more, continue making snowballs all the way up the leg. Each leg will make 5-6 “snowballs”. Make at least 2 snowballs for each player. HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT! Each snowball can be used several times before it pops! Great for free play or dividing into two teams.
  • MYSTERY BALLOON PINATA – Use black balloons, as many balloons as the amount of guests. Fill 1/3 of the balloons with some sticky, gooey, slimy stuffing – cooked spaghetti (still in a bit of water) works well or it can be wet and sticky (use a syringe) such as fruit juice, milkshake, give your imagination free reign depending on the crowd. Fill 1/3 with candy and the last 1/3 with money notes, notes with prizes or notes with instructions to do something funny to the party host/hostess. Inflate the balloons. Hang a rope in the garden between two tall objects and attach all the balloons to the rope. Players are lined up at a distance. Each player receives a sharp object like a toothpick or wooden kebab stick. All players pick a balloon and run towards it at the same time, puncturing the balloon they have chosen. Some get candy (if the others do not grab it before them), some notes, and a few lucky ones covered in goo! Using messy stuffing like pasta sauce is better advised for a pool party!
  • WATERMELON POOL RACE – Need a fun pool teen party game? Cover two watermelons with loads of petroleum jelly. Divide into two teams. Place the two watermelons in the water and have the two team’s race across the pool with their watermelons.
  • ROCK STAR THEME COSTUMES – Plan a costume party where everyone must dress like their favorite rock star or music celebrity. Have a costume contest, let everyone vote for the best-dressed rock star, have a prize ready (movie tickets or something fun) and of course this ROCK STAR must sing a song of his/her favorite ROCK STAR karaoke style!
  • PASS THE PEANUT – Sit or stand in a circle. Each player holds a plastic spoon in his or her mouth with the spoon part sticking out. The peanut is placed on one player’s spoon and the game starts! Balance the peanut on your spoon and pass it on to the next person’s spoon. Made the pass without dropping the peanut, you stay! If not, you are out and the next person starts with the peanut! The last two players to remain in the game win.
  • HEAD POP – A fabulously fun teen party game to play and a very funny game to watch! Hang 20-40 or more balloons in two colors from the roof at different heights, it can be as low as the ground for more fun! Secure two pins into two hats or caps with tape, the pins sticking out of the top of the hats. Divide into two teams, each team choose a color. Each team sends one player of choice in who has 15 seconds to pop as many balloons of the teams color with the pin in the hat on their head! No hands or feet! Every 15 seconds a new player must go in, grab the hat, place it on their head, and start popping the teams colour balloons. The team who pops all of their balloons first wins. One person stands on the side and counts to 15 and then shouts “change” and starts counting to 15 again and continues this until one team win.
  • SPIN-A-DARE – We all know spin the bottle... a teen party game that gets a little lame after the third party it is played at. Not any more! Fill a bowl with loads of dares and funny things to do that are written on little pieces of paper. Now, spin the bottle in your circle of friends and whoever the bottle lands on must collect a dare and entertain you!
  • DARE-AND-DANCE -If you have a dance party, forget the bottle and the circle, randomly call up people to collect a truth or dare card or a note from the bowl (as in SPIN-A-DARE above), they must now perform the dare or funny action in front of the rest of the people that are dancing. You can even set up a little center or side stage for this, using a sturdy table.
  • WHIPPED BUBBLE GUM – A messy teen party game! Each guest receives a paper plate with a piece of bubble gum, topped with a big blob of whipped cream. Hands behind the back, dig in with your mouth, find the bubble gum, chew, blow a bubble, whoever does this first wins!
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  • PING-PONG BLOW – A fun competitive teen party game to play while you are waiting for your last guests to leave. This game is also great for entertaining teens that are reluctant to dance at dance parties because it can be played on the side of the dance floor while others dance and the challenge can run throughout the party. Tape two raceways with a few layers of sticky or putting tape on a flat surface – a table or the floor will do. Two opponents use straws to blow the ping-pong balls from one end of the track to the next in this race. If the ball is blown over the edge of the track, start over! The next person challenge the winner, continue until you have an ultimate winner at the end of the party.
  • FOOTSY POP – Everyone ties a balloon to their foot; now all run around and try to pop each other's balloon without getting their own balloon popped. Simple but incredible fun, if you want a teen party game that will create LOADS of laughter.
  • CUCUMBER PASS – Everyone stand in a circle, the first person place the cucumber between their knees and turn to the next person, now pass the cucumber on, this person must now take the cucumber with their knees (no matter their height!) and turn to the next person. Passed it on, GREAT! Drop the cucumber while you are the one passing it on, you are OUT, but the receiver of the cucumber stays. If you are passing the cucumber on, and you are tall, and the receiver is short, then you have to figure out a way to bend down with the cucumber so that the shorter person can take it with their knees. If you are the shorter person passing on, you will have to jump to get it between your taller friend’s knees! The last cucumber squeezer standing wins!
  • WACKY DUCK – Everyone sits in a circle. One person in the center is blindfolded and spun around a few times. Those that are sitting down get up and switch places to fool the person in the middle. The person in the middle must now feel their way around with a wooden spoon or a rolled up newspaper, find a person and sit on their lap. Once on the persons lap, the person that is being sat on must now identify himself by saying “QUACK-QUACK” with a weird voice. The person sitting on his lap must now guess whose lap he/she is sitting on. If they get it right, they switch places and the other person must go into the middle. If the sitter gets it wrong, he or she must search for another lap, and guess again. Make this fun and fool a friend at some point, everyone leave the area while the person is being spun around and watch from a distance as the friend start searching!
  • BLANKET BALL – Take a large sheet, everyone holds on to the edges, see how many times you can continuously throw the ball up in the air and catch it without the ball falling off. Start counting, once the ball fall off, start counting over from one! Continue to improve on the record your team holds or compete against another team!
  • WOULD YOU? - A fun way to start a party, get the game WOULD YOU RATHER OR SOMETHING SIMILAR, forget all the extra rules! Use the cards for the craziest fun questions! Everyone will get to know each other BETTER THAN EVER! This game is a great icebreaker to get a party going and everyone laughing! First, write down the initials of all your guests on little pieces of paper, throw them in a hat – this is the initial of the person they will question. Take turns to pick a ‘Would You Rather’ question card and a piece of paper with an initial from the hat. The initials are part of the fun to get to know people you don't know, by asking for names that begin with the corresponding initial. Start the fun questions. This fun teen party game can also be used to hang out and chill before everyone goes home!
  • THE CALLER - An indoors or outdoors NIGHT-TIME teen party game. Play this game in the dark only. Turn off all the lights of the house, not a single light should be on. Hand one person a cell phone - this person with the phone must hide away from the others. The other guests should now try to find him. He can give hints about his location by calling on the house phone or one cell phone held by the rest of the group. The hints should not be longer than 3 or 4 words. This person can position himself so that he can move around without being seen by the others. To make this fun teen party game more interesting the person hiding can be sprayed with an easily identifiable scent, which will make it more difficult for him to move about in the dark near the seekers.
  • STEAL THE STICKERS - Each guest must try to "steal" a sticker from each of the other guest’s backs! Without being caught! As guests arrive, place 10 (the number of guests at the party!) stickers/ labels with the guests own name on his/her back for them. Before play commence, hand out an index card to each guest. The first person, who manages to steal a sticker from each of the other guest’s backs at the party and hands in his index card with all the other names of guests on it, wins a prize. You can either tell them how many stickers/labels with names on they should collect beforehand or keep it a secret.
  • FUNNY HOT POTATO - Load a garbage bag with all sorts of embarrassing and somewhat funny clothes and accessories (bikinis, big briefs, etc:-). Now in the form of hot potato you pass the garbage bag around and when the music stops, the person with the bag pulls out an article of clothing and must wear it! The game ends when all the clothes are gone. The winner is the person with the least clothes from the bag on. This game is good for a laugh, especially when guys are wearing bikinis and so on. Wear the garments over your own clothes.
  • TRUTH OR DARE POP! - A different kind of truth or dare teen party game is to write your truth questions and dares on slips of paper. Now put the truths in green balloons and blow them up. Put dares in red balloons and blow them up. Write truth or dare on the outside of the balloons with a permanent marker. Get everyone to pop a balloon by sitting on it, then read the truth or dare out aloud and answer it or do it.

Hope you have great fun playing these teen party games with your friends!

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What You'll need: A few pieces of paper (for the number of players) Pencils/Pens A hat/bowl Everybody sits in a circle. Each player is given …

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