Spin The Bottle Nail Polish

by Annie Mackintosh

Spin The Bottle Nail Polish - Fun Teen Game

Spin The Bottle Nail Polish - Fun Teen Game

You set up a basket full of bright or neon nail polish and the guests will sit in a circle. Each of them pick a nail polish out of the basket and spins it. If the cap lands on you, you have to paint your nail that color. It's a fun game and you can make it last longer by painting your toes too.

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Love This
by: Cayla

Oh this is going to be so much fun. Imagine the surprise when I announce we are playing spin the bottle and bring this out.

My friends are going to love the comment below about the painted finger nail for guys. I am going to read it to them and show them the video - so great that in a world where everyone finds fault with everything there is still light!

Spin the Nail Polish
by: Kendra

Wow! We had so much fun playing spin the nail polish, thanks a lot for this fun game!

Also loved the message about guys with one fingernail painted - so all our "guy" friends left with ONE finger nail painted.

Fun Stuff
by: Jarred - Bachelor

Had tons of fun with this game and shared the beautiful message and great cause below - I will always have one finger nail painted from now on.

Meaning of one finger nail with nail polish
by: Makinzy

Hey while we're on the topic of nail polish and guys... I read this article about what it means when you see a guy with only one finger nail painted with nail polish.

Why are celebrities like Richard Branson, Hugh Jackman and Mario Batali all participating in this campaign called #POLISHEDMAN.

It might encourage a lot more people to play this game with their guy friends and to share this story across the world.

It is all about a little girl called Thea and all other little children like Thea:

Watch Elliot Costello as he tells the Story of Thea, a 10 year old girl he met in Cambodia and why this little girl despite immense trauma touched his heart so profoundly.

Visit the website: www.polishedman.com
to see how one man is changing violence against children.

From Sanet@FunStuffToDO
I absolutely love this Makinzy, thank you for sharing!

So fun
by: Mandy

Sooo fun and hilarious when guy friends play! Loved it!

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