Extreme Water Balloon Wars

by Eliza

Water Balloon War

Water Balloon War

Water Balloon Wars is a fun party game for teenagers with a great sense for adventure. Not for the fainthearted.

What you need:

Water balloons, regular balloons, large dustbin bags.

How to play:

Divide the guests into teams of 2 or 4. Let each team pick a base camp (an area where they will have their balloons and from where they will attack). Next mark out a battle zone in the center of the base camps (don't make it very big).

Supply each team with water balloons, regular balloons that normally hold air, and then large trash bags. Give each team 5-10 minutes to fill as many balloons up with water as they can and place them in their trash bag.

Make a tally board. Start the teams off from their base camps to attack. Players must run to the battle zone (a circle or square in the middle) before they can throw their balloons. Whenever someone hits another person from a different team with a water bomb, they MUST go put a tally under their team's name.

For instance: One person can get two small balloons, one person can get one medium balloon, and 2 people can get one large balloon. It's all about tactic and how many balloons they can arm themselves with before having to return to base camp for more balloons.

When the balloons run out, check the tallies. Whoever has the most tallies wins a prize!

Get bulk balloons here:

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by: Brady

I have played this game before and it was so much fun, I have forgotten about it. Never knew you could fill regular balloons with water. I am bookmarking this game for our next youth group camp. I am sure everyone will love it.

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