Top 5 Balloon Games For Teenage Parties


Balloon Games

Balloon Games

Shave The Balloon

What is needed:

A balloon for each person at the party
A razor
Shaving cream
Any number of people

How To Play:

Each person receives a balloon with shaving cream all over it.
Each takes turns with the razor to try shave the cream off the balloon.
When somebody pops their balloon they are out.
The person who shaves the most off their balloon without popping it is the winner and receive a prize.

Balloon Train

What you need:

Large marked open space (like a tennis court)
A balloon per player
8+ Players

How to play:

Divide into two teams, the two teams stand in two rows, with a finish line clearly marked in front of each team. Each person place their balloon between themselves and the person standing in front of them and hold it in position between their bodies. So you have person, balloon, person, balloon, etc forming a train. The person in front holds their balloon on their chest with both hands.
On the word go, the two teams with balloons race to the finish line. The first team to reach the finish line with all balloons between them wins.
(To make this more fun, use water filled balloons.)

Balloon Stampede

What is needed:

2x balloons per player
5 or more guests

How to Play:

Each person ties a balloon around each ankle with string. On the word go you try to pop the balloons around other players ankles with only your feet. The last person standing with a balloon that is not popped wins.

Balloon War

What you need:

+- 20 blown up balloons IN two colors
A large area
Two teams of at least 4 each
A watch

How to play:

Divide the balloons up evenly between the two teams. Each team tries to guard their balloons while taking or popping the other teams balloons. The team that ends up with the most balloons after 4 minutes wins.

Mystery Balloon

You need:

10-20 Balloons with mystery ingredients hanging from the ceiling. (Filled with confetti, baby powder, powdered paint, flour, dry drink mix, basically any fine dry ingredient or use water balloons in summer.)
4-8 party guests (increase balloons for number of guests)

How to play:

Each person gets a turn to ask another "do you have a "???" on you. If the person do have the item on them and says yes, they have to stand under the balloons and choose one to pop with a needle. If they say no and get caught out that they do have such a item on them, they must stand under the balloons and pop two balloons. If the person asking can't manage to catch them with a specific item on them, the person being asked is safe and the person asking must stand under the balloons and pop one. The aim of the game is to catch guests out with items you think they may have on them.

Have Fun Playing This!

Also see: Extreme water balloon wars!

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This is rad
by: Dwane

This is so rad, we're doing all of them!

Creating Balloon Mayhem
by: Cayla

I am so creating balloon mayhem for my Birthday, Halloween and New Year's parties with these games. This is going to be a blast everyone will love.

by: Mellissa

These teen games are really cool, thank you so much!

by: Anonymous

What a wonderful site with wonderful ideas. I did not know where to start for my grandsons 13th Birthday Party. This truly helped me and he had a great party!!

Good post
by: Erwin Graham MD

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Please! Thank you!

From: Fun Stuff
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by: Mayley

I love these ideas. Do you sell wholesale balloons?
Thanks, Mayley

Balloons are not just for small kiddies
by: Mark

This proves that balloons are not just for the small kids. I always say that and my friends think I'm crazy. Going to prove them all wrong by enjoying the good time they have playing at next party or camp-out.

by: Catherine

Very cool, im ready for the mayhem.

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