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Wondering if that great digital or printable product you have created will sell online as a download? Not quite ready to do it alone? We are here to help sell and advertise your new product. Yes, you can now advertise and sell your product in our shop!

Products We Consider:

Here are just some of the items we sell for others:

  • Printable Games
  • Printable DIY Arts and Crafts
  • Printable Decorative Items
  • Printable Party Themes
  • Digital Paper (limited)
  • Digital Clip Art (limited)
  • Printable/Digital Packaging
  • Printable Learning Aids For Children
  • Digital Creative Transparent Templates
  • Printable Creative Instructions (to make and build items)

Please feel free to approach us if you have something unique that you think we should review.

Sell Creative Products:

Simple and easy.

  1. Decide which of your digital downloadable files you would like us to promote for you on Fun Stuff To Do.
  2. Get in touch with us via our contact page and tell us more about the product/s you aim to sell. Remember to include your email address.
  3. We'll let you know if we are a good fit and agree on a profit share and terms.
  4. We do not charge a placement fee, only a profit share on products that sell, since you bring the product and we work to bring the buyers, we feel the effort is mutual. You set the price.
  5. Share your files and a description of your product to the special link we will provide after we have made contact.
  6. Your part Done!
  7. Your product will be available online within 1-2 working days and will be delivered via secure download to interested buyers.
  8. We pay creators fees via Paypal or Payoneer once per day, we don't keep your money.
  9. Be patient: Sometimes it takes up to 2 months for search engines to truly pick up on web posts that will generate sales for your product.

Who this is not for:

This is not for large scale creators who wish to place 10's - 100's of products. In this case I suggest that you start a website with your own digital delivery system or make use of platforms such as this one to promote your items.

Who this is for:

  • New sellers who would like to test the waters to see if their downloadable products will sell online.
  • Sellers who want to target a specific creative audience that shop online from home.
  • Sellers who can provide high quality creative FUN STUFF TO DO that are unique and created 100% by themselves.
  • Sellers who wish to sell digital/printable downloadable items that children, teens, moms or the family can get creative with at home, on vacation or at school.
  • Sellers who want to increase their reach or have a relatively new websites without much traffic.
  • Sellers who don't want to compete with 1000's of other similar products on large seller hubs.
  • Sellers who prefer not to be burdened with online shops and all that goes with it.

The Ins-and-Outs

It is as easy to get out of our advertising/selling campaign as it is to get in.

We want you to be happy, in fact delighted! If you do not get the responses you were hoping for, just contact us, we can remove your products and part as friends, it is always your choice.

We reserve the right to place, move, remove products to compliment our content or to increase your visibility on our website.

Why advertise with us? How we can help you

Fun Stuff To Do would love to help you grow your business and to share your unique services and products with our loyal fun loving followers! We are the leaders in "fun-stuff-to-do" and we strive to be nothing less.

  • 5000-8000 visitors to our website per day (seasonal)
  • We have an above average following via RSS feed and social media platforms, especially Pinterest.
  • We have an existing customer mailing list of over 15,000 (and growing), that responds to our latest offerings, including yours if you wish. 
  • All traffic to our website is organic, content driven. We've never advertised!
  • Regular new fun posts and ideas keep our followers engaged.
  • Our Alexa ranking is usually below 500 000
  • Our US ranking is usually below 125 000
  • Semrush (US) rating is usually below 25 000
  • We sell more than $6500 of small and low priced items for Amazon monthly.
  • Most importantly, Google & Bing likes us a wee bit!
  • Top 25 Countries visiting our website (in order):
    1 United States (64%) 2 Great Britain (UK) 3 Canada 4 Australia 5 India 6 Germany 7 China 8 Philippines 9 Netherlands 10 France 11 Spain 12 Sweden 13 Switzerland 14 South Africa 15 New Zealand 16 Singapore 17 European Union 18 Malaysia 19 Ukraine 20 Ireland 21 United Arab Emirates 22 Mexico 23 Pakistan 24 Indonesia 25 Brazil

Now get on with it and let us help make your product famous across the world! You have absolutely nothing to lose. Contact us!



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