Glowing telephone

by Serenity

Glow Telephone Party Game

Glow Telephone Party Game

Blindfold all your guests and give them glow necklaces or bracelets for fun to make the "telephones" glow. Spin them around and sit them in a circle. You sit in the middle and read a juicy question out loud.

Then tap someone on the head. The person that you tapped will think about their answer, then respond to the person to the left of them. That person will repeat it to the next person and so on. When the message reaches the last person, tap them on the head and they will say it out loud.

Carefully spin the guests around again and switch their order. If you want to play, ask another friend to switch with you. Before playing, you might want to enforce a rule about what is said in here stays in here.

The guests are blind folded because some people only tell secrets to their best friends. This way everyone gets to know more about each other in an indirect way.

Some juicy questions you can ask are: "who is your crush?" "if you could be in someone's shoes, who would it be?" "Explain your first kiss and who it's with." The best part is, no one knows who is saying what!

This game is lots of fun and lots of laughs for people who don't know each other very well when you need an icebreaker or when you play with a group of good friends.

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