Spoon Hunt

by Kat

The spoon hunt game is for 6-20 players and you will need at least one person not participating.

Before the game starts have the person not playing hide spoons equal to the number of players in a room but don't let the other guests see.

First you will sit in a circle leaving enough space for movement. One person not taking part will hand out cards until the deck is out (some people will have more than others). Use two decks for more than 20 players.

The game starts and each person hand one card to the left. Once someone holds a pair the person with the two cards (pair) throw their cards into the middle, everyone else put their cards face down in front of them where they are sitting, all jump up and run to the room to find a spoon. You may not run across the circle of cards, only around without stepping on any cards. If you kick or step on any cards, you may not search for a spoon and only continue to play when the rest return.

The first person to find a spoon shouts SPOON and the group go back to the circle, sitting down at any face-down set of cards in the circle. The person with the spoon is safe and sits out. The group pass a card to the left until someone gets a pair and follow play as above.

Do this until there are just a few people left.

The people with the spoons now decide on an act, play or song the few people without spoons should perform.

I have played this at camps, birthday parties and youth groups multiple times and it never gets old. The spoon searching creates a lot of excitement and so does the random act for the losers without spoons.

Alternative: If you have a small number of people you can also pass a card until someone gets three of a kind instead of a pair.

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So Simple So Fun
by: Cayla

I am gathering so many awesome fun games here for my party we'll need two days to play them all. I might just arrange a sleepover or a come back for breakfast or S'more! I think I just had a great idea, that's what happens when others spread great ideas, you start feeling excited and creative.

Can't thank you enough AND I found some awesome free printable party invitations and other cool things that I am definitely making from your site too. Thanks sooo very much.

I also want to give you a thumbs up for not asking for my email address just to be able to download all the amazing things on your site... I love visiting here without feeling as if I am stalked - hahaha!

Best game I found so far on 8 sites
by: Maylin

Sounds like great fun game teenagers will love. Best I found so far going through 8 websites/blogs. Thanks a ton.

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