Bloody Red Wolves

by Alex

Red Wolf Game

Red Wolf Game

This is a fun "in the dark" party game. It requires 4+ people, a very large room that's dark, flashlights, and some sense of adventure.

First, choose someone to be the "bloody red wolf". If you have a lot of people at your party, choose 2 or 3 wolves. The wolf(s) must hide (together, if many wolves) in a spot in the room.

The remaining people must choose a base, I suggest the stairs or a couch. The people who are not hiding (at the base) must count to 60. When they get to 60, they must try to find the bloody red wolf with one or more flashlights.

Warning: The directions might not seem like its scary, but when you're playing, your fearful or frightening guests provides all the fun.

When someone sees the bloody red wolf, they shout, "bloody red wolf" loud, so everyone can hear them, and everybody run to the base while the bloody red wolf tries to tag somebody before they reach base. If they get tagged, they become the bloody red wolf.

Whenever I go to a sleepover we always play this game. It's really fun and scary too! Great Halloween game when everyone is dressed up!

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by: KawaiiSushiRoll

This game sounds awesome And very entertaining. Definitly gonna try this at my sweet 16!

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