Fun Dance Party Games

by Alex Davis
(North Carolina)

Fun Dance Party Games

Fun Dance Party Games


Space for a large round circle of guests
A smaller marked round dance circle
Dance music of your choice (with a nice beat!)


With a big group of people, stand in line in a circle separating the first & last person. The first person must get in the center of the "dance" circle & do some kind of dance move, then move over the dance circle. The second person must do the first persons dance move plus their new dance move. This rhythm continue on until the last person has to do everyone's dance move.

Alternatively you can continue as long as guests are having fun and can at least remember some of the dance moves.


One person in the smaller circle is the dance leader. Everyone must copy the leader's dance moves. When the leader freezes, anyone who continue to dance is out of the game. Anyone unable to follow the moves or who loses his/her balance and falls over will be out as well. Continue this till the last person standing.


Guest in the large circle team up, each couple is handed a sheet of newspaper. Two dance partners take the smaller circle and perform different dance sequences together. The large circle of guests must copy the couple in the smaller circle, without stepping outside of their newspaper sheet, if they do, they are out. The aim of the game is for the couple in the smaller circle to get the other couples to step off of their newspaper sheets and to get them out. The last couple standing takes the small circle for the next round or receives a prize.

Hope you rock these games!

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Good post
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Fun Stuff To Do: Jerry thank you. There is a link in the left column at the bottom to advertise with us.

by: Bianca-Jane

This is awesome. Sounds like fun. Going to try on my birthday in three weeks. So many great ideas here, thank you.

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