Balloon Scavenger Hunt

by Sarah

A balloon scavenger hunt is great fun. You can use the ordinary type of balloons or water balloons in summer.

What you will need:

10 blue balloons
10 pink balloons

Players: 4-8 players (for more players just double the number of balloons)

How to play:

You will be split into two teams, each team has ten balloons. Both teams take different colors, the pink team with the pink balloons will go hide/hang there balloons in one section of where you are playing the blue team will then go to the opposite section and hide their blue balloons.

Don't tell them what they will be doing. Do tell them not to pop the balloons. For each balloon they pop while hiding them, they lose a player, that player must sit out.

Once they are all hidden/hung they would be told to swap sides.

From here you have two choices:

First team to find/burst all the other teams balloons wins the game.


First team to bring back all the balloons wins.

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This was real fun
by: Mandy

We had so much fun playing this game at camp with water balloons.

We played the version where you have to pop the balloons and off course because they were water balloons and the other team decided to hang most in trees we all got soaked!

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