Mobile Phone Hide and Seek Game

by Debbie

Cell or Mobile Phone Hide and Seek

Cell or Mobile Phone Hide and Seek

You know many hide and seek games from when you were small. It's time to play a more grown-up fun version of this popular game in the DARK. Teens will love this game!

What you need:
2-5 mobile phones, depending on number of players.

6 or more, suitable for large groups.

How to play:
First you have to make sure it is really dark. Turn of all the lights off in and around your home or party venue.

Next set the phones up so that one phone have the phone numbers of the other phones on, ready for group text messages. Remember to turn the ringtone of the phone that will be texting off, so that the other players don't spoil the game by phoning this phone!

Now hand the phone that is ready to text to one person, this person will be hiding away from the group and text them every few minutes to give clues to where he/she is hiding.

Divide the rest of the phones between the group that will be searching, they will receive the text messages from player one with clues where to search. Player one can make the clues as hard or easy as he/she choose, move around and even lead the other players away from him/her.

The game ends when player one who have been texting is found. Continue by giving other players a chance to hide away.


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This game for my 12th birtday
by: Allie

I love this idea. I’m so doing this for my 12th birthday!!!! Great idea! The only thing I will change is there will be 2 hiders.

by: Barry

This is truly a great game for a large group of teens, I know my group will have so much fun playing! I am definitely playing this at my party. I guess one can also adapt the rules and make two players hide away, should anyone be too scared to hide away on their own in unfamiliar surroundings?

Fun-Stuff-To-Do Says:
Absolutely Barry! What a great idea, especially when there are girls and if the party is held at a venue. It will make it more difficult for the ones hiding and easier for the group searching!

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