Flour challenge

by Lucy Taylor
(Congleton England )

This is a fun game to test knowledge, skills, and survival in the end, will work the nerves and provide laughter.


10 Hard-To-Know Questions.
Paper and pencils for number of guests.
Flour and/or balloon.

Make a quiz of around 10 questions and then everyone has to write down there answers without copying anyone.

Then get someone, a parent will do, to mark all and write down the scores. Then the person with the least amount of marks must have 3 table spoons of flour or pop a hanging balloon filled with flour. The choice is theirs.

If you are wondering how to get flour in a balloon, use a funnel and just pour in through the funnel before blowing up the balloon.

It is very entertaining to watch!!

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by: Anonymous

I don't think eating flour is an option. I would rather have my hair messed up! I love trivia games!

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