Raising the Ghost

by CK

Everyone except one person lies down on the floor, being 'dead' with eyes closed, and the person who is not lying down has to tap a 'dead' person on the shoulder. When you are tapped on the shoulder, you have to stand up and tap someone else on the shoulder, and they tap someone else, etc... Until only one person is left lying on the floor. Everyone else gathers around them, silently gestures counting to three and everyone screams! This is a very fun game to play and people's reactions are very funny.

Here's another fun Ghost Game for large groups, it's called:

Is there a Ghost behind me?

Everyone stands in a space and closes their eyes. The leader taps 3/5 players on the shoulder to signal that they are the ghosts. The leader says that the game has begun and the ghosts open their eyes and wander around the room.

The ghosts go up behind someone very quietly and count silently to 3 before tapping that person on the shoulder.
If the person senses the ghost is there they say “Is there a ghost behind me?” (Before the count to 3 and shoulder tap) then the person
becomes a ghost and the ghost sits down.
If however there is no ghost there, the person sits down.
The aim of the game is for the ghosts to put all the people out of the game.

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